27 March, 2011

Saturday - Movie and dinner

Yesterday, which seemed to be passing as just another day, ended up being something of a great afternoon! I have had the last week off, mainly due to high blood pressure (and yes, its STILL high this morning), so I've spent a lot of time doing nothing and resting at home. So it was good to be going out for a change! The choice of the afternoon's entertainment, a movie "The Rite".

It was a great movie actually, but I could not help but recollect the many similarities to Anthony Hopkins performance in "Silence of the Lambs"!

"The battle against the Devil, which is the principal task of Saint Michael the Archangel, is still being fought today, because the Devil is still alive and active in the world." -Pope John Paul II "The Rite" is a supernatural thriller that uncovers the Devil's reach to even one of the holiest places on Earth. Inspired by true events, the film follows seminary student Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue), who is sent to study exorcism at the Vatican in spite of his own doubts about the controversial practice and even his own faith. Wearing his deep skepticism like armor, Michael challenges his superiors to look to psychiatry, rather than demons, in treating the possessed. Only when he's sent to apprentice with the unorthodox Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins)--a legendary priest who has performed thousands of exorcisms--does Michael's armor begin to fall. As he is drawn into a troubling case that seems to transcend even Father Lucas's skill, he begins to glimpse a phenomenon science can't explain or control...and an evil so violent and terrifying that it forces him to question everything he believes.

After the movie, we went (again) to La Mono for a 'Leb Dinner'... It is always great to go there, food, company and so on! I also got to meet two of M's friends from uni, N (who I'd met once before) and A who, well... was 'interesting'! But still it was a good night all the same!

We said our goodbyes (N&A going out to a pub) and headed for home. I was tired, headache and fuzziness so I wasn't going anywhere, so we quickly watched a little of the Election Wrap up ('interesting'?) in between the movie, The Da Vinci Code. But as it was getting late, M headed home and I went straight to bed, and I think I was asleep before I hit the pillow!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. I do wish that blood pressure would come down! That's nothing to fool around with. Take care!


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