05 March, 2011

'Jay' day...

Today was a real 'Jay-day', the morning with the nephew, Jayden, and the afternoon with my mate, Jayden! It was many years ago, very weird that I met another B, but to now have two J's is also just as weird!

This morning was Jay's baseball grand final. The were playing Penrith who were undefeated for the last two years. At the bottom of the third, we were up 5-3 and the last innings started (within 5 mins of the 10 min rule), nail bighting stuff! However, the opposing team struck out, and Jay's team were declared the winners!!! Here are some pics that caught the moment they had won, and I will post more over the week as I process them...

Mac Killop Victory
Mac Killop Victory
Mac Killop Victory

The afternoon though, was catching up with my mate, Jay at the airport! Michael from Brisbane was down and Jayden's dad was also coming in! So it was a mini gathering... And even though the weather closed in, we changed locations and I got some interesting aspects!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. Great pictures. Look forward to more. Isn't it nice when we can enjoy and support our mates?


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