25 January, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 25 Daily Routine

Well, apart from the wake-up at 5.30 every morning, shower, breakfast (usually a coffee) I start the drive to work... I head towards the city along the M4, and at its end, I come to the intersection of Concord Rd...

Daily Routine Concord Rd

Then, after driving through Five Dock where some very good family friends use to live, I go along Canada Bay on Wattle St, which by way of coincidence, is also underneath YSSY 16 approach! It is nice, sitting in traffic, along the bay with often runners doing their thing as well.. There is even the odd knack at times, but sharks have been known to be in the area!

Daily Routine Wattle Rd

I eventually make it to a parking spot near my office, which although my office is in a very nice heritage building, there are also some newer/modern ('80's) buildings as well!

And finally, working out my organisations CO2 emissions is one of the projects I am doing. It is now very 'automated' in that when I get data, it goes into the various files (tabs) I have, and the formula works it all out from there... Soon though, we will have a lot easier capture of the data as we are installing meters and sub-meters on our infrastructure, and I can look and run reports from the desktop, thus a truly automated system... YAY!!

Daily Routine CO2 Emissions Tables

Hoo roo for now...


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