06 January, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 6 Makes You Smile

There's many a thing that makes me smile, some more than others, but I was perplexed today thinking about this one... Was it something today that made me smile? Something from a memory?

Today though, yes I did have a smile, several times actually, but I digress! Today was at Inner City Golf, where BF was using a voucher he got for Christmas. He had a lesson with the Pro, whilst M and I waited so as we could 'play' our round! We got to pick 'where' we'd play, and I suggested it HAD to be the home of golf - St Andrews! We had 2 hours to do our thing, and whilst it was good, very good, it really wasn't the same as the real thing. It was difficult to gauge the greens in particular when it was time to putt! But, we had a good time, so that bought a smile.

I headed home to rest up a bit, and the cricket was on, day 4 from the SCG here in Sydney. Earlier in the day, Sachin Tundulkar was trying for his 100th 100 in the SCG's 100th Year of Cricket... He was bowled by Australian Captain Michael Clarke and caught in the slip cordon by Michael Hussey for 80 runs, and yes, that also made me smile.

But in looking through my pictures, since it is a 'Photo a Day' thing, I was drawn to back in the archives so to speak, to Bali in 2007. I've posted this photo a couple of time before, but the smile on this old ladies weathered face, is infectious, in that it made me smile, both on the day, and yes, today as well... So this is my 'Makes You Smile' day! Happy Smiling!!

Monkey Forest Lady

Hoo roo for now...


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