30 January, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 30 Nature

Hmmm... What is 'nature'? Is it Flora or is it Fauna?? Lets have a go at both!

Date - May 22 2010, Newnes. I thought I would go up to the Glow-worm tunnel... It is an easy drive out there, taking the turn-off from the Bells Line of Roads at Clarence Station (of the Zig Zag Railway. I use to camp and 4wd up here a lot, so it really was my 'old stomping ground'... That is, was! I was heading out to the 'Ruined Castle' when a small puddle presented itself. I had driven through a couple on this day, and this one looked no different. I drove, slowly, to the side when I slipped into the hole... And then I was stuck. Resting on my chassis rails I was spinning on all fours! Oh well, I got out in the end...

Newnes Tunnel Entrance

Dirty GV

Newnes Carpark

Wet Muddy GV

Date - April 15 2011 London. I was in London, after being in Ghent Brussels for a Turf Meeting. I had also met up with a mate, KW! I seem to be meeting up with a lot of fellow Aussie mates whilst overseas lately, but I digress... We were out and about and spotted these lovebirds having some 'fun' whilst walking towards the Tower Bridge...

Lady Beetle Blue

Lady Beetles01

Anyways, thats 'Nature' for you, both Flora AND Fauna!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. OMG about you SUV! Things like that happen every spring around here during, what we all call, "Mud Season"! Not fun, but keeps the tow truck men in business!


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