29 January, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 29 Inside your Fridge

Well, its not all that exciting inside my fridge, and rather than having a separate 'beer fridge', not that I am a big beer drinker, it has some beers, mixer drinks (Coke to add to my Bourbon), left over salad from dinner tonight, and some cheeses... Eggs as well for my protein meals, and 2 x 3l of milk which will be lucky to last 3 days at best!

Inside your fridge


In other news, today I got to meet some of the other girls from our DIG. J, who is home from Japan for a few months, as well as some other Sydney based mums and families, all met up for a brief get-together. I say it was brief as the ranger chucked us all out at 5pm! Its daylight savings for goodness sakes, whats with the rush to evict?

Even though I had my camera bag with me, I didn't take a single shot as I was in shock we were being 'booted' out, so apologies for no photos...

Hoo roo for now...



  1. When I went to my high school reunion I had the same thing happen. At the cocktail party an hour into it, we also got booted out! What's with that?

  2. Booted at 5? That seems REALLY early!
    Your fridge actually looks pretty nicely stocked, as opposed to mine which has ginger ale and sprouts in it. We need to do some shopping . ..


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