10 January, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 10 Childhood

I looked and looked for most of the morning for some photos I had from growing up - all to no avail... I searched my networked hard drive, my desktop PC, nothing. I looked out in the garage as I thought I had an album, but NO, nothing, so I think they must still be with mum! But, I had a thought I had one in FB, so when I looked, BINGO, I found one!


By the looks of it, and given my arm is in a cast, I think I was c. 14. I think I had broken my arm (if memory serves me right, it was a 'green stick' fracture up the fibular) out on a camp I was on. I wished I had a better haircut though on this day, but I do honestly think it was wind blown though!!! Oh the memories...

Hoo roo for now...



  1. You showed me this before. I was amazed because your brother and sister look much alike, but not you! Ah, you are an individual!


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