27 June, 2012

Day 9 To Prague via Amsterdam

I woke up early today, as I was having breakfast with a colleague from Ireland (Dublin) and we were catching a cab together to the airport at 7am... Breakfast was nice, and during the breakfast, the new Chairperson from Greece, asked Alan if he could do the 'Field Days' next year!! YAY, a trip to Dublin next year is now on the cards, as well as Beijing!

Anyways, we got into the cab and then headed to the airport. The cab driver was quite a chatty chap, and we spoke about the economy and so on, and before to long we had arrived. It was quite a small airport, and I now understand as to why it was cheaper to fly into Oslo as opposed to Kristiansand! The facilities and terminal itself, were still stuck back in the 50's or 60's! I was having some small difficulties with my check-in, as I was on a flight into the Czech republic via Amsterdam. It ended up that the gate agent was trying to check me in via a new system, and it wasnt letting her! Eventually, I was checked-in (rather early) and she took carriage of my bag and I entered through the security check. To show just how small it was, I had met the agent at the check-in, security, at the gate and then she handed the inventory to the flight deck!! She was one busy lady!

Departure from Kristiansand was a very quick departure, the Captain spooled up to full power and then released the brakes and almost slingshotted us into the sky! The flight was pretty smooth and before long, we were arriving on Amsterdams furthest runway, the Polderbaan! I had read that at times, it takes longer to taxi to/from the runway, than what it does to actually fly across the channel to the UK! Today though, the Captain was in a hurry and we only took around 20 minutes,

Clearing security was a fairly easy process, as it is when travelling intra-Europe, and before long I was waiting for JP to arrive from Prague. His flight arrived and we cleared security together and went to the KLM shop where he purchased an Airforce ! model and then we went to the viewing deck; which is simply an amazing place!

It was soon 'time-to-fly' and needed to clear security, and this is where I came into grief... Security officer was far to busy chatting up a pair of blondes, to inform people, me, that they need to take out cameras... I had already taken out laptop, I know the 'drill' by now, and sent my bag through to be x-rayed. On the other side, I was asked if the bag was mine, and did I know what was inside it... Yeah I do, and at this point I would NOT have had an issue, but had a) the guy on the otherside mentioned it, I would've taken it out, and b) as the guys on this side were talking in Dutch, I asked they speak in English so as I know what is being said... It got a little heated as I wanted to see where my gear was going instead of asking silly questions by the security... Afterall, its c $10K of gear! After it was done, I grabbed my gear and we left for the flight...

Gear x-rayed AMS

CSA Wingtip
The flight to Prague itself was pretty good, a new airline for me, and a new destination! As JP was now living in Prague, I followed him to the bus, then Metro and to the hotel I had booked, which was right in the middle of the town and on the Metro station! It was late, and we had dinner and hit the beds...

Hoo roo for now...


  1. I always worry when people start rifling through my stuff.

  2. Thank you for giving me more to read while being bored!!!


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