24 June, 2012

Day Six in Kristiansand

This morning, I woke semi early, I had set an alarm so as I could Skype home to a mates son's Baptism. Alas, it was not to be as the hotels internet was down, what ended up all day! This was ok, in that I had a bit of a headache, so I had breakfast, cereal, eggs, bacon, yoghurt and a fruit platter! It was yumm!

After a bit of a rest, and talking via Facebook, I got dressed (again) and headed into downtown Kristiansand - which was all closed! Apparently, the shops in Norway are all closed of a Sunday! Now, here is where I will make a confession... I wished I had bought with me my Swans Jacket! It is very cool here, and whilst my normal packing mode is to pack the night before I go, I do not count this as a 'forgotten' item! It is suppose to be summer here, but instead, it has been 10-14c tops, and wet!

Kristiansand Shops

Kristiansand Shops

Kristiansand Shops

Kristiansand Shops

Anyway, I walked around town, swapping sides of the street so as to stay under cover, and I have noticed a few stores selling ski jackets, that aren't too badly priced either, so tomorrow, I will go and purchase one, as we are on a field trip tomorrow afternoon!

I have just finished the registration and welcome reception. The girls on the reception desk were aghast and amazed that I have come such a long way for the conference! I outlined as to why I am here, and they smiled and gave me my bag of goodies before heading in for some champagne and something to eat.

It is an early morning, with the conference due to start at 8.15am SHARP!!

Hoo roo for now...

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