23 June, 2012

Day Five in Oslo - Kristiansand

Today was my last day in Oslo, and whilst I had a bad experience yesterday, I am leaving with very fond memories, both of Oslo itself, but of also the friends I have made whilst here. I stayed in my apartment until the very last second of the very last minute of the very last hour, that is, 11am! I was going to make them PAY! I headed downtown, to the station where I would catch the train from later in the afternoon. I found I could leave my bag and camera bag in a locker for 40krones, so my back had a light day!

I hit the shopping strip, one of many, and I grabbed some stuff for friends at home. I also got to see some more of the shopping precinct, which is very pleasant! BUT, there were some weird people around town, dressed up in fancy dress in a sci-fi mood! Some were weirder than others I must say!

I went into a shopping center similar to a Westfield back home. There was a camera store there and I looked at a new lens I was thinking about. My primary lens, 18-55, is getting a little loose in the outer ring, and I don’t think it will last much longer. But, it will have to make it a little longer indeed now after seeing the prices! Even after getting the tax back, they’re cheaper back home!

I started to head back to the station, and stepping outside, it was now raining, a lot!! Oh well, I am leaving here now anyways! I got to the station, and went upstairs to the lounge and had something small to eat and a coffee. When I saw my train listing to ‘two lights’ I headed down, got my bags and went to my platform where my train is positioned ready and waiting for its departure in 30 minutes.

My ride to Kristiansand

As I type, we are winding our way through some lovely countryside, through valleys with some rivers along side. I only realized when it was too late, I should’ve gotten some pictures, but I was in such awe of the experience, I forgot! Had I know what to expect, I would’ve, so I am sorry for that… It would look spectacular in winter, with all the snow on the pine trees… Perhaps a visit in the winter is a maybe!?!?!

Hoo roo for now...

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