21 June, 2012

Day Three in Oslo

Today, was to be a visit to both the Botanical Gardens and to the Vigeland Sculpture Park. After my shower, Skype back home, I headed out to get some breakfast and to get a train ticket. Oslo have a great system, a 24 hour ticket gets you on ALL public transport, Train, Tram, Bus and Ferry! Something that Sydney can learn from really... AND, its cheap as chips as well!!

The Botanical Garden was simply quaint, it wasn't to large, yet the collection was stunning both in its large trees down to its colourful garden beds. I spoke with some of the staff there, and I got the impression that they loved what they were doing as well!

Boston Ivy over building

Glass House

Willow Tree


I then headed back through the centre of town on the train through to the other end of town. IT is easily accessible without any problems! The short walk to the park, is easy, and passes some nice shops along the way.


Sculpture Park


Sun Dial Spire


 Once IN the park, the amount of sculptures was simply stunning! There was SO many bronze ones, stone ones, some young and some old (subjects). Also, scattered through the park, people enjoying the sun on a blanket or a towel, some wearing less than I would think would be allowed, but, still modest... I had such a great day, and after a long day, a Skype call to friends back home, I turned in for the night...

Hoo roo for now...

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  1. Greta, Arnie & Anneliese are laughing! They want me to tell you that it is Dachshund! lol!!! Wonderful pictures and I am glad that the weather is cooperating! ;o)


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