26 June, 2012

Day 7 & 8 Kristiansand...

Well, for the next two days, it was all about the conference. It was a very good conference in that the main theme, was all about Sustainablity. The actual presentations were great, informative and very well presented. I really enjoyed some more than others though...

On the afternoon session, we took a bus trip to Landvik, Bioforsk's turfgrass research facility. The bus trip was very pleasant, through some wonderful countryside, and we were told about how the Lupins along the roadside were an introduced weed species. its funny how what is seen as a plant is actually a weed elsewhere!

Soon enough though, we arrived, and we were greeted by a light shower... Refreshments were ready for all of the delegates, coffee, open sandwiches and strawberries - YUMM!

Shortly after, we were asked to take a manual of the site, which was to be a 'notebook' for the afternoons tour. On the cover of each notebook, was a coloured dot, which became your group. There was 5 groups that went about 7 stations.

Turf Trial Plots - Landvick

Turf Trial Plots - Landvick

Turf Trial Plots - Landvick
Now, luckily (for our group) we were to be at the second last station, which was the closest to the research facilities administration and where we met and had refreshments earlier. We were out in the middle of the field, when an almighty crack of lightening, followed almost immediately by the loudest crack of thunder. Some of the American guys in the group announced that they were heading in (from Tornado ally perhaps?) and after a few more cracks, the rest of our group was walking through the Strawberry and Asparagus field in the search of shelter... We just made it inside and then the heavens opened!

Turf Trial Plots - Landvick

Approaching Storm - Landvik

Asparagus Trials - Landvik
After the storm passed, we joined the buses and headed for the BBQ for the evening, where the food there was simply amazing...
Hoo roo for now...

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