19 June, 2012

Hello from Oslo!!

Yes, I know, I've been slack lately with my blogging, but I've not had much to really post about... Not that THAT is an excuse either, I've just been slack!

Anyways, as I write, I am on a train from Oslo to Kristiansand in Norway. My trip began many weeks ago, when I signed up to go to a conference. It morphed (over time) to include both a visit to the Prague Botanic Gardens in the Czech Republic, and also to the World Horticultural Expo in Venlo in The Netherlands!

It was a booking of sorts, that whilst fragmented, was a great routing... Let me give you the highlights...

Monday 18th June 2012

This saw me fly out of Sydney aboard one of the newest airliners SCOOT. They are a LCC of Singapore Airlines, and are using a B772; which is an ex SQ plane. There are NO bells and whistles at all with them, and this for me is OK, but I only wished that they had the moving map on monitors on the bulkhead walls. This would give me the situational awareness of where I am!

Anyway, I had a 'FlyBagEat' ticket in economy, which is pretty much that, I can fly, with a bag, and I can eat! The later of course you pay for! The flight was good, the crew were friendly ex SQ girls, and in just a shade over 8 hours, I was in Singapore. I had a 3 hour transit here, but due to a delay getting out of Sydney, it meant it was a 2 hour layover.

From Singapore, I flew with Finnair, which for me, was the second time I have flown with them. This flight was over 11 hours, and after a long laborious take off, I quickly nodded off, and only woke up for the breakfast some 2 hours short of Helsinki! I must've been tired!

Arrival into Helsinki was great, and it bought to a close the end of my long haul flights from Sydney - I just had a short, 90 minute, flight, to Oslo. Helsinki airport is very easy to get around, its clean and in typical Nordic blonde timber and lots of glass. I found my departure gate, and I was off again, this time on a smaller regional plane.

Tuesday 19th June 2012

My short flight across from Helsinki to Oslo was pretty much uneventful. The crew again were very polite and served me a coffee ex Helsinki. Our arrival into Oslo, as I had not been here before, was difficult in that I didn't know where the airport was! Soon enough, we were turning for finals, and I had it in sight. I was to be meeting up with some friends in Oslo, and even though I could not see them from my aircraft, I was actually sitting on the right side too, they got a photo of my arrival into Oslo!

I cleared immigration, there was no-one there, and before long, I was outside shaking hands with my Norwegian friends! I was asked IF I wanted to be taken to my apartment, but as I had slept almost the entire journey SIN-HEL, I was fine and we went straight out to meet up with some more local spotters and spot for the rest of the day.

Soon after, Mr C got a text message asking if the 'Kangaroo' had arrived, and not long after that, a van with two more people (and a dog) came out to welcome me!! Such nice people!! Anyway, we spotted and here are a couple from the day...

Estonian Air



I was driven into town to my apartment, and once I had my keys, headed downstairs and had a nice long HOT shower; it was SO refreshing. Soon, I headed outside in a much more respectful manner, to a cafe nearby, where I had dinner, a Norwegian beer, before heading home for a sleep. Oh, and I forgot about the Norwegian light, it was still DAYLIGHT at 11pm, and the sun was up from 3.30am!!!

So that is, basically, how I got here...

Hoo roo for now...

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