02 October, 2012

My take on (Written Inc.: Thematic Photographic 215 - Shiny) Skydeck

This weeks TP, see carmi's link below, is 'Shiny'. I did have to think about what I could do for this, and I remembered that on this past weekend, whilst in Melbourne for the 2012 AFL Grand Final, we went to the top of the Eureka Skydeck, the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere! AND, I recalled taking a photo looking to the East of Melbourne of the War Memorial, and there was the reflection, shiny, of the glass (which is 24 carat Gold Plated as well, so its SHINY!!).

View of the War Memorial from the Eureka Skydeck

Written Inc.: Thematic Photographic 215 - Shiny

Hoo roo for now...


  1. You don't have to suffer from vertigo up there. Fine and shiny shot.

  2. love this! I work on the 5th floor of an office building, and I'm forever taking shots that include the glass windows. Pretty!

  3. ohmyword
    health alert for those who loath heights!

    I think....i think it's lovely if i manage to block out half the screen

    thank you....
    i think

  4. This is totally awesome, and so very shiny too!

  5. Other than the vertigo, that's a great picture, love the reflection on the glass.

  6. I think Melbourne has its next top-of-the-website promotional picture. Staggeringly perfect composition. I know, it's baked into your DNA. But still. Masterful.


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