01 November, 2012

Thursday Thirteen #19 Blind Photography

Over the last couple of days, I have been 'entertaining' a friend of a friend of mine, who had come up from Melbourne, as a photo of his was being exhibited in a competition, Arts Access Australia - Art for people with disabilities. He took out the inaugural, Peoples Choice Award!!

Andrew is vision impaired, and is legally blind. The way he explained it to me was, he has zero sight in his left eye, so close your left eye, now 'squint' your right eye, so as you can only JUST see something about a meter in front of you... that is all the sight he has! Bad hey! So with that in mind, I showed him around, as best we could, some of the Sydney spots for his upcoming work, 'Day is Night' which will be exhibited in August 2013, and here is some of my shots from the two days in Sydney...
  1. Woolloomooloo Gate - The Royal Botanic Gardens
    Woolloomooloo Gate - Royal Botanic Gardens
  2. Fort Denison - Sydney harbour
    Fort Denison
  3. Kangaroo Paw - Mrs Macquaries Point
    Kangaroo Paw
  4. Photographer and his Guide Dog
    Andrew and his guide dog, Eamon
  5. Sailing Ship
    Sailing Ship
  6. 'Talent'
    Sailing Boat - TALENT
  7. Sydney Ferries
    Friendship and Scarborough
  8. Water over Rocks
    Water over Rocks
  9. Opera House, Harbour Bridge (and a Ferry)
    Opera House and Harbour Bridge
  10. Light Painting a Photographer
    Andrew (blind Photographer) being 'Light Painted'
  11. Sydney CBD by night
    Sydney CBD
  12. 'Andrew' and the CBD by night
    Andrew (blind photographer) with Sydney CBD
  13. Sydney Olympic Park - Boulevard
    Olympic Boulevard - Sydney olympic Park
Hoo roo for now...


  1. Beautiful photographs.

    The 'water over rocks' is beautiful, and I adore the 'light painting a photographer'.

    Just wonderful:)

  2. Those are some cool pics -- like Addy, I really liked the "water over rocks." Thanks for the mini tour of Sydney!

  3. Wow! What a nice collection and a chance to see what I've never seen in person. I especially one the one of the light framing the photographer. http://looseleafnotes.com

  4. Those are exquisite. They make me want to come to visit your country!

  5. I'm turning green with envy. I know it's terrible to confess this, but your pictures are truly stunning. The colors, the depth, the textures, and the special effects...oh, my.

    Oddly, the most simple picture pulled back over and over again. It's the one with the rocks in the water. I love the movement of the water, the strange look of the rocks and the color.

    If I were to write about this photo, my story would about the rock people who come for air. You can only see them in the second between the second they disappear. It's when they take their one breath before becoming plain rocks again.

  6. Wonderful photos. My hubby is from Canberra.

  7. I definitely gotta get out more. beautiful, esp that lit photographer.


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