10 November, 2012

Vietnam - Ancient Town - My Son Holy Land

Today, we had a bit of a drive to the religious centre of the former Champa Kingdom. It was a long drive, the weather was hot and humid, but the net result of the relics we saw, were simply amazing!


For our return into My Son, we had to do the final fitting from the tailor that was making our clothes. I had 2 x pairs of shorts, a T-shirt and a casual cotton shirt being made. I, as with J & M, were impressed with the speed that they were made as well as the quality! We then headed for lunch in the village.

We then headed back to the hotel, J had a foot massage whilst I grabbed a shoulders, neck and back; and I felt great for it! M rested a little, but ended up catching the bus up to the 'beach'! it was nearly time to head back into My Son, as we all wanted to get the lanterns and the bridge lights on tonight... We found a new place for dinner, and the mother of the owner was a cute little thing!!


Hoo roo for now...


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