08 November, 2012

Vietnam - Mekong Delta

Today, was a 'small' sleep in.... M wanted to get some shoes and thongs (flip flops) from the markets nearby, so off we went... We bargained, and bargained, and got them for a good price! When we got back to the hotel, our guide and driver were waiting for us, to take us down to the Mekong Delta!

The drive was about 2 hours, and the bikes only thinned out on the freeway! We stopped at a rest stop, which had some lovely gardens and Lotus.


When we arrived, we were shuffled onto a small junk/boat, for a trip across to the largest of the islands. It was an 'interesting' trip let me say! Upon arrival, we had tea, and I was soon discovering a python that the locals had! I HAD to have a hold!!!


We were soon heading to the next spot, and when we arrived, OMG, this little pony that had to carry us, was barely larger than a Shetland pony!! Lunch, was interesting, a fish made into rolls, and some other Vietnamese cuisine!


After lunch though, SMALL row boats back up to the small junk was in order, and it was a rather busy thoroughfare!!!

The drive back to Ho Chi Minh was uneventful, with a small bit of shut-eye along the way...

It was a long day, tiring day, and when we got off the flight from Ho Chi Minh into Da Nanag, we were tired. The hotel here, actually, Resort, is nice, and the internet is slow (non existent) for some websites like Facebook!!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Are you finding it hard to upload your photos with the internet over there (or lack there of?)
    I have a hard enough time on hotel speed in the western world ...
    I'm glad you are uploading them though. Beautiful (even the snake).
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    1. Not really that bad Leanne, but have to pick the time of day.... Mornings or LATE night is about the only time there is no problem! I edit and publish from Adobe Lightroom, and Facebook isn't blocked anymore like it has been!!!


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