17 November, 2012

Vietnam - Hanoi Day 1

After breakfast, we planned for the days activities - but we also enjoyed a bit of a sleep-in! Today, we were to visit the Hanoi Hilton' (Hanoi Gaol), The Women’s Museum and the Vietnam Air Force Museum.

We mapped out our way to the Gaol first, and the gaol itself, was quite an insight. Some of it had remained, whilst what once was a probable 'exercise yard had since been built upon. The drawings of it complete, looked as though a good two thirds had gone! But once inside, the conditions that the prisoners had to endure, really were quite horrific. There was also a small section where the American Pilots had photos of a preparing Christmas dinner and presents giving.

'Hanoi Hilton'Original LayoutWomen InsurgentsMale PrisionersCell BlockSolitaryAmerican Pilots Preparing Christmas DinnerAmerican Pilots Decorating Christmas Tree

We left the gaol, and nearby there was a 'Fanny's' ice-creamery. Here we had a relax, a cool down (not that it was particularly hot) for a short time. I had an ice-cream that had three flavours and a mixed berry yoghurt with some cream and chocolate scrapings, whilst J had a banana Sundae, and M had a whirligig (mixture of flavours).

We then headed down towards the Museum for Women, which was showcasing the Vietnamese Women. The museum seemed to be a little lacking, but it does show what the women did; particularly through the war. It was this part that I found the most interest, not so much the fashion etc... They also had an exhibition of the women of the minority people in and around Sapa.

Womens MuseumJewelleryBlack ClothingTraditional DressesWomen of War

After this, we then grabbed a taxi, and headed over to the Air Force Museum, which had both an internal display, as well as a far more interesting external exhibition! Alas, if only some of these aircraft could still fly, or at the very least, be in a better condition! the highlight was an enormous helicopter to the rear, it was huge and as you can see with J standing in front of it, he looks tiny! It was well worth the visit down!

B-52 WreckageLarge Helicopter with JJet StabaliserWreckageHelicopter used to ferry 'Uncle Ho' around

Both the taxi trips to the museum and then back to our hotel, were (as is all driving experiences in Vietnam) interesting, with a hand on the wheel, and the other on the horn! We darted from one side of the road to the other to try and get a better run. Once back at the hotel, a quick rest and then out on the town to have dinner at a nearby burger place (by this stage, over local foods) and then a small walk about town. We even did ‘cyclo’ ride around the lake!

'M' Cyclo'J' CycloPagoda Bridge

Hoo roo for now...


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