13 November, 2012

Vietnam - Sapa

Last night, we boarded the Sapalay Express, the train (overnight) from Hanoi to Cao Lai where were to me the guide for the time here in Sapa. The train itself was not to bad, it took a total of 281klm, an average speed of 33klm/hr, (max of 83.5) and took a total of 8hrs and 25 mins! I have an app on my iPhone called Endonmondo that measures all of this via GPS tracking!

We arrived a little later than we had thought, and our guide was holding up the sign to identify himself. From here, we were to climb up 1500m to Sapa. The drive was slow, bendy and steep! And before too long, we had entered fog; which we would remain in for most of the day!

Our guide took us to, well, a 'Hotel' where we could shower and have some breakfast FOC. Just as well, as it was a DIVE of a place, and the breakfast was equally so! But a shower we did, and that was an experience as the shower head and the power for the hot water were next to each other!!

Anyway, we were picked up and away we went to search out Sapa. First stop, was a drive up to the top of a hill, just near the 'Summit'! Along the way, we broke out of the fog, and had the most glorious views... We also visited a nearby waterfall called the 'Silver Waterfall'


We returned back to Sapa to collect our bags, and then for lunch. After lunch, we checked into our hotel, which is very nice, and then onto a trek... I have not walked down SO many steps in all my life!! We soon entered into the Cat Cat people, a minority tribe here in Sapa, and one of 5 minority groups. We walked, and walked, passed through little villages and came down to the most beautiful waterfall area. It was good to relax for a little bit before starting the climb back up out of the valley. Luckily though, for us, we were met by the driver and the car! By this stage, the fog had set in even thicker! We showered, and got ready for dinner, which was a 10 minute, uphill walk, in the dark and thick fog.


It has been another long, and exhausting day, good night!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. My goodness! What beautiful shots! I can certainly understand your exhaustion! As you know, my feet would be swollen like Shrek after that!

  2. What a great place to visit. I hope I too can visit! Great captures.


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