11 November, 2012

Vietnam - Hue and the heavens opened...

Around 3-4am, we were all awoken by the rain, not just a shower, but HEAVY rain!!! And it was not relenting! And this was the day that we were to be seeing so many things as well! Our drive to Hue saw us leaving My Son, and our first stop was to buy a Buddha... M was buying, both J & I were looking! (this is not the purchased Buddha, but one I liked and was about 1m from L - R!)


With purchase made, we continued along the drive, and we soon started the climb up the mountainside. This pass, known as 'Foggy Pass', and it lived up to its name! There is, of course, a boring old tunnel we could have taken straight through, but thats no fun at all!, so we wound our way like a snake up the mountain to the 'check-point' that once was occupied by the US Forces. It is also at this point that South Vietnam (only has two seasons) meets the North, (which has four seasons)! So its an important stop!

We also stopped at the bottom, for a quick photo opportunity, that was stunning where the clouds were meeting the Pacific Ocean.


It was late in the day, and we were given the option of lunch first OR start seeing places, so as it wasn't raining, we opted for lunch - what a mistake! BUT, after lunch, we visited the Tu Duc Tomb, the Royal Palace and the Pagoda and Buddhist Monks.


We quickly stopped at our guides, dads, coffee shop, which had very small/narrow chairs!!


Hoo roo for now...


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