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12 March, 2008

Having a 'clean & green' birthday!!!

I just thought I would share with you, my 'birthday' present... Well, sort of!

It is actually a replacement machine, as it predecessor decided to retire from active duty, after spending a couple of weeks resting out on the verandah! So, with this new, clean & GREEN machine, we will be saving more on Energy and Water!

Our old washing machine would work to a point; that is fill up, then stop! No washing was being done at all! This became very frustrating and was made worse by having to do the soaking load by HAND! And at 11.30 on a Sunday night!

So, on my birthday, there was a lot of calls to various shops to get the best deal, and to ensure that it would actually FIT into the back of my car! This was all achieved, with me arriving at the warehouse at 4:58pm when it shuts at 5:00pm!
So, Happy Birthday to me...

Washing Machine

10 March, 2008

23 September, 2007

A weekend of activity!

This last couple of days have been somewhat frantic, so we are sorry we have not been about that much...

Firstly, the Circus came to town, or at least the park that is just around the corner from us. Of course, we took the 'hound' with us as he does love a walk...

Circus is in town
Then, Thursday afternoon I was on the 'table (Doctor's of course) as I was having what's known as a Chordal Epidural. This is for my bad back and is used to, rather than target the nerve root directly to alleviate pain by the sciatic nerve being compromised, it 'floods' the entire lower spinal region with a cortisol treatment, OUCH!

Then, on Friday night, L had offered to her 'next sister down' to come over and sit with the baby, oh and B will cook! The cheek of it all... So cook up a storm I did. We had, Creamy Chicken and Pasta, with an Asian Green Bean salad. Quite simple really, brown off some onions and some chicken (125grm/person), a splash of soy (to taste) and add a small tin of Evaporated milk. For about 3-4 mins, stir through pre-cooked pasta that has been lightly drained, as the remaining starch from it will thicken the milk into a sauce. Then, for the Asian Bean Salad, top and tail some beans, and boil so as they can still, snap. Put into a wok (or frypan) with hot, 4:1 of Peanut oil and Sesame oil and toss quickly. Now here is the twist, toss through whilst cooking, a cut of fresh ginger, finely grated, and about 3-4 tablespoons of soy sauce. Serve and enjoy. Now, I think it is an appropriate time to say, I do NOT eat vegetables, but I am told that this is a great Bean Salad... Needless to say, that L was 'hogging' poor Riley, and he was sleeping like a ... well a baby!

Riley sleeping

Riley BW
Saturday, we were off to the Indian Bazaar, which is a school fete that raises (a lot of) money that goes to the missionaries within India. L's family have been going there for years, in fact, it is at the school that her 'favourite brother' went to! After this prestigious event, we had to duck off to an EVEN bigger event, my god-daughter's 2nd birthday! The day had started out so nice, sunny, but was going to change so the weather bureau told us. And change it did... It turned real bitter, windy and down right NASTY! Her dad made the cake, an Australian Wombat, which unfortunately for him, separated at the neck joint, but it still tasted great!

Breanna's Happy B'day Cake side

Breanna's Cake front
She had such a lovely morning, with lots and lots of presents, but on of the things she loved the most, was her sunnies!

Breanna's Shades

Breanna 2nd B'day

And for all of those who sent well wish's and prayers, L did read them all, and she thanks you. Each and everyone of you, for our recent loss...

14 August, 2007

just delivered mk II

Wordless Wednesday, next post down... Sorry, but again we have some breaking news...

Well, its happened again...

This time, it was the next sister downs turn. At 4.37am this morning they welcomed the safe arrival of Riley Joseph. He was 49cm long and just a tad under 3.5kg, 7lb 6 ounce!

For this arrival, it was far less traumatic in the delivery room, and in fact after a day of house cleaning and the cooking of a roast dinner, the trip to the hospital was delayed due to the fact that the soon to be dad HAD to watch Boston Legal! Not to mention that upon getting home mid afternoon, in the front screen door there was a 'calling card' from the local police following up a complaint of somebody reporting moaning from next door, and this could be a case of spousal abuse. Spousal abuse it was, as in the baby was trying to bash and kick his way out!!!

Riley Joseph

Riley Joseph

09 August, 2007

just delivered

TT #7 next post down as here is some breaking news...

the first neice; Rosie Florence born 12.10pm, 47cm, 3.595 kilos or 7 pound 14 ounces in the old scale.

A lovely baby, she behaved and slept whilst we nursed her and champagne was drunk from hospital teacups. Apart from a few scratches and a bruise on her head she didn't look any worse the wear for the drama of her delivery which was sped up due to a racing heartrate and blue colour. In fact by the time we visited she was remarkably pink.

Rosie Florence

Rosie Florence

26 June, 2007

pa's birthday

pa's birthday 2007
at thirty seven I am extremely lucky to still have my maternal grandparents. It was my grandfather's ninety second birthday on the weekend and of course we celebrated on Sunday, with an afternoon tea at their home. And for a sweet tooth this was the perfect picture of him surrounded by sweet treats and my grandmothers china tea cups.