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02 December, 2007

New Zealand 2007

Well, as we did not really have a solid internet connection (or the time to really hook up onto the net with the ‘in-laws’ travelling with us (oh, before you ask, we had a lovely holiday with them. It just meant packing more into the day!!!!)), here is the first of probably around 14 ‘trip reports from our trip to New Zealand.

We were travelling again to New Zealand on Emirates, the same as last year. This year however, the flight was FULL. Not a spare seat was to be had. It was also the first time for the Father in law (FIL) to go overseas, and he was looking forward to it. So much so that a little Cellulites in his leg; a hospital visit two night before and a bag or two of IV fluids was not going to stop him from boarding the plane!

The morning had arrived and the brother in law (BIL) arrived promptly very early to take us to Sydney airport. Bags checked a quick look around the shops we went through immigration and into duty free heaven. FIL got himself comfy overlooking the new Singapore A380 sitting out on the tarmac (until about 200 people decided to come and have a photo taken in front of it) whilst the girls went shopping. I had a quick look around the camera and electronic shops for any bargains, nup!

Boarding was quick enough and we were soon taxing for a (rough) departure over the western suburbs, over our house, before heading out to sea and ‘over the pond’. Breakfast was served which was very scrummy. I had an omelette and chicken sausage, and L had the other which I can’t remember. Emirates in-flight entertainment was great with plenty of choices. I quickly decided and watched Hairspray, fantastic!

Three hours later, we were on approach into Auckland, and very quickly through immigration and at the hire car company. Paperwork was ready and walked over to ‘assess’ the car, thankfully! There was nothing mentioned on the paperwork, however, there was quite a large gash down the passengers side rear panel, see the pic. We quickly got it all sorted and on the road to Parnell, to our first of many accommodation, the Parnell Village Motor Lodge. This was looking rather different since last year, new owners, and was getting a lick of paint! The new owners, Helen and I can’t remember his name, were fantastic, very accommodating and friendly indeed. We recommend that if you’re in Auckland (Parnell) stay here you will not be disappointed!

After quickly unpacking we jumped into the car and to the Parnell Rose Garden, which was just packing up after the Rose festival! Had I know this, we would have travelled a day earlier!

So here are some pics of the car, some Iris’s and Roses from the Rose Garden

1. Nth Island Car, 2. Parnell Mini Purple Rose, 3. Parnell White Iris, 4. Parnell Rose, 5. Parnell Dark Red Rose, 6. Parnell Cream Rose, 7. Parnell Iris, 8. Parnell Pink Roses, 9. Parnell Red Roses

28 November, 2007

25 November, 2007

We're home..

Hey there,
Just letting you know, that at 10.47pm Sunday night, we have just gotten home.
And, as we are both tired, living on NZ time means that it is really 12.47am Monday morning, we will blog about our trip over the next couple of days. Bear with us??!!??

04 July, 2007

thursday thirteen #5... holiday destinations!

Thirteen Things about our holiday destinations

Been too...

1…. Tokyo, Japan (2004 & 2005)!
2…. Copenhagen, Denmark (2004 & 2005)!
3…. London, Bath, Bristol, Liverpool, UK2004 (2004)!
4…. Aalborg, Denmark (2004)!
5…. Llandudno, Nth Wales (Loved it, 2005)!
6…. Manchester, UK!
7…. Auckland NZ(2006 (Ellerslie Flower Show))!

Where we would like to go...

8…. Singapore!
9…. Hong Kong (to see Pako from Uni & visit the Hong Kong Jockey Club)!
10…. Dubai (for the shopping)!
11…. Shanghai, China (again, for the shopping (for 'L')!
12…. Anywhere in Vietnam!
13…. More time in Tokyo, Denmark and the UK!

That's my lot, what about you? Please tell me where you have been, and where you most would like to go...

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