04 July, 2007

thursday thirteen #5... holiday destinations!

Thirteen Things about our holiday destinations

Been too...

1…. Tokyo, Japan (2004 & 2005)!
2…. Copenhagen, Denmark (2004 & 2005)!
3…. London, Bath, Bristol, Liverpool, UK2004 (2004)!
4…. Aalborg, Denmark (2004)!
5…. Llandudno, Nth Wales (Loved it, 2005)!
6…. Manchester, UK!
7…. Auckland NZ(2006 (Ellerslie Flower Show))!

Where we would like to go...

8…. Singapore!
9…. Hong Kong (to see Pako from Uni & visit the Hong Kong Jockey Club)!
10…. Dubai (for the shopping)!
11…. Shanghai, China (again, for the shopping (for 'L')!
12…. Anywhere in Vietnam!
13…. More time in Tokyo, Denmark and the UK!

That's my lot, what about you? Please tell me where you have been, and where you most would like to go...

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