23 August, 2010

House sale, Voting, Driving and a Party...

The weekend was a full one... A VERY FULL on couple of days... And it all started on Friday! Let me explain!

The people who are purchasing the house, have requested a FURTHER extension to the cooling off period. This is putting me in limbo for another few days. All I want to do is sell, and move on! Anyway, they asked for Thursday, and I have given them to Wednesday. if not, the deal is off and they can start over or it is on the market again! I am NOT going to be bullied/arm wrestled into this by them!

And then came Saturday, which I spent what seemed to be the day driving around for other people's benefit! It was a very windy day, and I did get a bit done. But I wanted to get some paint and start painting... This, unfortunately, was not the case... But I did get to the shops to get my 2 x 3yo niece and nephew and my 1yo nephew their birthday presents! Oh, and yes, I also went and cast my vote in the Federal Election as well!

So, in came Sunday morning, a bright sunny day... I had another full on day starting with a catch-up with a mate (oh yeah, and a bit of plane spotting...) before heading to the birthday party! Here is 'Pinky', flying the Breast Cancer colours on a QANTAS bird!


Then I got into the car and headed for a quick visit to Lou. As I said, it was a nice sunny day and the local wildlife was out in force. You see, Plovers are a very territorial bird and if you get to close for comfort, they 'Dive Bomb' you showing the hooks on their wings! Here is the decoy lookout whilst its partner is circling and about to bomb me!


Here is the pathway that leads to where L is. I thought, at first, I would not like the Tussock Grass when they did it, as they removed a Buxus Hedge, but I think it is growing on my (pardon the pun)!

Pathway to Lou

And finally the party... I will just leave you with some photo's... They say a picture tells a thousand words; how true it is!

Rosie Falling
Will Riding
Riley opening present
Max Determined
Jack Sponsorship

Hoo roo for now...


15 August, 2010

Flowers in the Garden...

Spring is just around the corner, like yesterday it was 22c here, and there are a few things flowering in the garden, and a few things getting ready to flower! First up, is an Abutalon Spp:

Abutalon spp

Next is a Daphne Spp that I was given just after L died last year:

Daphne spp

Here we have a Japonica which is basking out the front yard in the lovely winter sun:


Now I really like this shot of some Snowbells against L's Mimpi:

Snowbells on Mimpi

And finally, some orchids, Cymbidiums that we have:

Cymbidium spp
Cymbidium (Dwarf) spp

Hoo roo for now...


11 August, 2010

From the sick bed...

OK, I have not been all that well of late, not with a shoulder and arm complaint that needed some intensive physio and an MRI, BTW it is more than a little better BUT I still have no feeling in my thumb! I also, on Sunday evening, started to get a sore throat. By Monday morning, I felt ROTTEN! And that's putting it mildly! I have felt a lot better today, but now the coughing has started so in order to suppress it (Cough Mixture DID not work at all today) a friend of mine (F) gave me a recipe. It went a little like this:

  • Two lemons (I only had Lemonades which are a sweeter Lemon) cut thickly and simmered in water until the skin is tender and pulp is falling out of its own accord.
  • Nip of Rum and Honey into a large glass.
  • 2 x Panadol (I used Nurofen as it is my preferred medication).

Putting the nip of honey and Rum with the Panadol and pour in the HOT lemon drink. Stir until Panadol has dissolved and drink as hot as you can and GO TO BED!!!!


Also, the tree that fell last week is all cleared up and the clothes line will be installed on Tuesday afternoon. Doesn't the yard look a little bare!

Backyard tree removed

Hoo roo for now...


03 August, 2010

TREE update...

Overnight, we had a lot of rain and wind gust's up to 107klm/hr! This worried me a lot overnight, and so, I did not get a lot of sleep... I think I was checking it every hour or so!

Syd Radar 2082010

I was checking the Internet, and I have found a replacement for the OLD Hills Hoist. They are very close, they are even Galvanised Iron like the original ones!

So this morning, I was able to clear access through the garage and remove a small temporary fence I had installed to stop Macc and the neighbours dog going at each other under the MAIN fence. And sooner than I expected, I had a knock on the door from the tree loppers here to do the job; or at least, make it safe! They trimmed the fallen branch, and then proceeded to remove some of the other branches that were now in danger of falling down onto the neighbouring fence and garage.

Leaning Tree
Tree Workers
Pole trimming

So now I have it safe for now, and they will be back later in the week to complete the rest of its removal. I am now about to order my line and make some lunch!

Hoo roo for now...


02 August, 2010

Crafty Tree!!

Well, it has been a tough couple of weeks lately, mainly as I have had a pinched nerve in my right arm, which has been extremely painful... But, after treatment late last week (x-ray, physio and acupuncture) and a nerve conduction study today, next week if symptoms persist. Physio will continue tomorrow, so we will see how it all goes!

Anyways, I wanted to post this last week, but was unable to type, so here it is now... Years ago, when L started to follow crafty blogs, she got to know and purchase some items. One of her first purchases was from Kristen. Well, recently she (Kristen) was featured in the Sydney Magazine. I found this out after tweeting about my passionfruit vine and I delivered some to her. Over coffee and a chat, she talked about the photo shoot. The article was great, and as it turned out, part of a feature showcasing three crafty bloggers... L was following ALL three of them (but I have only scanned Kristen's page)!!

Sydney Magazine 29072010

If you want to read the FULL sized scanned article, read here!

And so we get to this morning, after a WONDERFUL nights sleep, which was relatively pain free, I came out to get ready for breakfast, coffee blah blah blah, and when I looked out to see Macc, this is what I saw!

Golden Cypress

Now the old 'Hills Hoists' are just about indestructible... That is, until they meet a Golden Cypress that is!

Hills Hoist

So I am now calling tree loppers, Council for approval to remove the remaining tree (leaning at around 10-15 degrees)... Oh, I have also moved my NC Study, and physio so as i can be home to get these done!

Cypress Down to house

Hoo roo for now...


25 July, 2010

3 weeks since last POST... Sorry!

Ok ok, I know it has been a while, A LONG WHILE, since my last post, but I have been frantically busy... trust me!

So as a catch-up, I will simply do a photo 'wrap-up' with a short commentary!

I made a Katsu Curry, which was YUMM

Chicken Katsu Curry

Went to Melbourne

Melbourne Yarra

MET, my name sake at Mass

Bernie Proctor Dennis Webster Bernie Proctor

Caught Macc sleeping, and hasn't he got a 'comfy' looking pillow

Sleepy Macc

And last night, I had some friends over for dinner, and I was going to cook the Katsu Curry above, but I decieded to do the Drunken Chicken instead... It was YUMM, I had some wicked potatos, pumpkin and some greens of peas, beans and brocolli! Oh, and some AWESOME gravy as well!

Drunken Chicken
Drunken Chicken Feast
Drunken Chicken Dinning Room

After dinner, we did some Karaoke, and played some BUZZ on the PS2... It was such a good night, and I hope to get out and about more often!!!

Hoo roo for now...


02 July, 2010

Farewell to an aunt...

Today, was a cold grey day, but full of warmth, love and respect as we as a family said farewell to my aunt, aged 76.

Margaret Helen Monica Strutt: - A daughter, sister, wife, mother, grand-mother, aunt and friend was loved by many. She was passionate about a lot of things from painting, genealogy and gardening including getting the whipper sniper/brushcutter out and the ride-on mower to do the lawns. But for me, she will be remembered for the absolute love of her family; she often doted over her grandchildren at family parties.

To my uncle Frank, Mark, Jenny, Beth, Maryanne, Simon and ALL of your families, I send you my love and you will be in my thoughts and prayers...

Hoo roo for now...


01 July, 2010

Thursday Thirteen # 12: - Travel Snaps

Thursday Thirteen: - Travel Snaps... Here we go!

  1. Doha, QATAR Feb 2009
  2. Doha Inland Sea Dinner Table
  3. Dubai, UAE Feb 2009
  4. Dubai Int Arrivals
  5. Liverpool, UK May 2009
  6. SP Penny Arcade Pat & Carousel
  7. Stamford, UK May 2009
  8. Burghley Gardens Face
  9. Santiago, CHILE July 2009
  10. Plaza Da Armas Dancers
  11. Madrid, SPAIN August 2009
  12. Parque del Retiro Funny Statue
  13. Angers, FRANCE 2010
  14. Old Church Front Jardin de Plantes
  15. Paris, FRANCE 2010
  16. Arc de Triomphe
  17. Venice, ITALY 2010
  18. Rialto Bridge Night
  19. Pompii, ITALY 2010
  20. Pompii Road
  21. Athens, GREECE 2010
  22. Athens Acropolis Western Side
  23. Ciaro, EGYPT 2010
  24. Egypt Pyramids
  25. Berlin, GERMANY 2010
  26. Uschi Maribeth Me

Hoo roo for now...