04 October, 2010

I've WON (finally)!!!!!!!

Here is a couple of the pics I managed to get before I took the White and Ginger Tom to the RSPCA. Here is a summary of how it all came down for him...

  • I was late in feeding Jasmine, as I had an afternoon ‘nap’ after doing the pathway to the spa. So I fed her and went back to bed to watch some TV.
  • I was no sooner in bed when I hear the ‘thump thump’ in the upstairs study. This is normal when Jasmine comes in, but as I just fed her, I knew this was not the case...
  • I waited more than a couple of minutes before going upstairs and CLOSING the window as a preemptive strike to capture him.
  • I then, walking through to the lounge/kitchen closed every other door I could.
  • He was being somewhat cornered by Jasmine over by the kitchen dresser in-between the two doors to the veranda.
  • They quickly had a hiss-off, and he took off back upstairs.
  • I quickly followed, but stopped to put on some track pants and a jumper, JUST in case!
  • Coerced him back downstairs, but now cornered into the hall, he saw the wooden door opened (screen door closed) and headed there... Oh thank you!!!!!
  • I then closed the wooden door and he was now in ‘custody’!

Now overnight, he had a couple of ‘how can I get out’ moments, but he eventually quietened down. In the morning, I called Council, who directed me to the Cat Protection Society and some others, but all being closed for the PH, I called the RSPCA. I was told that I could surrender it if it was a Feral; which I believe is the case. So I went for a bit of a door knock just to be sure! Nothing availed, so it was now a matter of HOW do I get it into something to take it to the RSPCA!?!? I thought of a box, and found one after taking out some of Louise’s old clothes I had packed. But, just HOW do I get it into it, ask it nicely and an offer of some food perhaps?? NOT likely!

  • I opened the wooden door and put the box in, I also had some of Jasmines dry food in there as I am now of the belief HE has been eating it!
  • He jumped up to the VERY top of the screen door.
  • I grabbed a broom I had and he attacked it like it was like nothing else!
  • He eventually tired, as did I, and with him sitting on the floor, in-between the box and the door, so it was a matter of NOW or NEVER!
  • I got the broom at the ready, and with the speed of, well, an anxious 40 something bloke wanting to secure the capture of a feral cat in his house and PUSHED the box cornering it inside... YEE HAA!!! I had won!
  • Now it was a matter of how do I close the box... I looked, and thought and looked some more. I eventually found two plant trays, one for the top and one for the bottom. I took them, and grabbed my rope to tie it all together...
  • BINGO, cat inside, all tied up and I was on my way...

When I got to the RSPCA, I had to sign some forms, and they took him away, but I had to wait. 30 minutes later, she came out and explained that after a long battle to get him out quietly, they had to put him to sleep (not the ‘Green Dream’) to get him out. They bought back my rope and trays, and I was off...

So, there we have it, he’s gone and hopefully, no more Tom Cat Spray anywhere!

Makeshift Feral Cat Carry Cage SIDE
Makeshift Feral Cat Carry Cage FRONT
Feral Cat LOCKED away

Hoo roo for now...


03 October, 2010

The path continues & Finals Fever!

Well, with there being rain (and possible thunderstorms) forecast, I awoke early on Saturday morning and went straight to the weather radar to see what was happening. And yes, there was rain out along the coastline! So, at 5.30am I headed across to the in-laws to collect the trailer and get the supplies (roadbase and sand) for when the hired help arrive.

I had some breakfast along the way, said hello to the in-laws and hooked up the trailer and headed back towards home. A call from the hired help ensured that things will proceed, and I went to the landscape supplies shop. I ordered and paid and when I got out to the guy on the loader, it was a mate I hadn't seen in, like years, and he got me the roadbase first. I said I would return when it was out and headed home.

The roadbase was out in no time at all, and during it, there was more than a couple of raindrops, so I quickly left to return to the landscape supplies to collect the sand with about a couple of wheelbarrow loads of roadbase left! So I got there, and was ushered infront of three other trucks, and I said my goodbyes and left. When I got home, the hired help had done nothing so when I backed the trailer into the garage, the first wheelbarrow load was quickly shoveled in and the first coarse was being laid when it absolutely BUCKETED down! It remained this way for the rest of the day (and even into today).

Tools down due to rain

So, the path was eventually laid, and by this time, the BIL, SIL and the nephews were on their way over to help. Good timing guys!!! Anyway, we had some cheeses, beers and watched the replay of the AFL Grand Final where Collingwood were the better team on the day. I cooked a Tandoori Chicken Roast, and for dinner. Not to mention a couple more beers. Oh, by the way, Macc was out of duty due to boredom, so the Forecat went to take on the additional role of Security!

Forecat turns SECURITY

So, today it was all about the NRL Grand Final, where St George played a great game and beat the Roosters. St George were also, the better team out on the field... I will )tomorrow) post some more pics of the path. It is at the stage where we are brushing in the sand to help 'lock' it all together! So stay tuned!

Hoo roo for now...


01 October, 2010

Long Lost Pathway...

I got some paving bricks well over 12 months ago, with the intent of doing a pathway up to the spa... Well, it is now, finally, nearing a reality! I have had them piled up at the front gate, and I was sick of seeing them! They were bought around the back, and laid in such a way that didn't need any to be cut. BUT, I was worried I would not have enough... In the end, I was left with all of the half bricks, as well as NINE full ones. Was that well planned or what?

The Path That Will Be
Pathway to house
REMAINING Paver Bricks

The pathway was dug out in preparation for the roadbase and sand tomorrow. There will be a 50mm roadbase and a 10-15mm sand layer, as it isn't really a load bearing pathway! I was grateful for the hired help to make this happen, and for also bringing lunch! Don't you just love the Forecat on duty to supervise the works, and Security to make sure NOTHING goes missing! Just before I took the photo of Macc, there was an Indian Minor sitting on his food bowl, so clearly, he was flat out working!

Digging of the Pathway
The Forecat

Lunch, with thanks to the hired help, consisted of home made Wraps. These were Turkey, salad on a Mango & Ginger Chutney with Egg Mayonnaise; YUMM

Mayo & Mango Ginger Chutney on Wrap
Salad for lunch

So, tomorrow I will be up early as I have to go and pick up the trailer from the in-laws! Then on my way home, I will be getting 1/2 a cubic meter of both roadbase and sand. Then it will be a matter of laying, consolidating the roadbase, screening a small layer of sand before laying the pavers. Then, removing the outer edge and mixing up some concrete, so as they can be 'haunched' to lock it all together!!! So a lot of work to still do tomorrow, with rain forecast towards the afternoon and the possibility of thunderstorms to boot!

Hoo roo for now...


30 September, 2010

Contemplating things...

This is the chair that 'L' spent a lot of time in before she died last year. You see, it went into use when sewing, x-stitching and general craftiness. However, it is now tending to sit by the bookcase, waiting for another use as in this house it is all about the 'R' principle, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. So, what am I using it for now? Well apart from it sitting right there next to my turf journals from the International Turf Society, I am tending to use it to sit in, contemplate life whilst sitting in it when on the laptop as it is a little more comfy than lying to a side on the couch!

Contemplation Chair

That bottom shelf though, is full of cookbooks, craft books/magazines, cause she was a bit of a crafty person our L, and there is also her Fenton collection (well, some of it!).

This last week I have also been somewhat ill, constant migraines and so on. I went for tests to see why, and most of all, everything is good. WITH exception to my chronic hayfever. Yes, as a Grenkeeper and an Agronomist, I have allergies to pollens and (of all things) GRASSES! So I have been told to stay as clear as I can from my allergens (yeah right, I work at a Garden!!) and I am also on some fairly high steroids for respiratory aid. So hopefully, I will be able to breath, sleep and more importantly live a little more comfortably!

Oh, and before I forget, as I was backing up my phone (and don't ask me HOW I did it, it just HAPPENED), I have managed to wipe ALL of my contacts this morning; some dating back to old school friends... So please send me your details so as I can rebuild my address/contacts!

Hoo roo for now...


29 September, 2010

Wordless Wednesday No. 39 - Pests, Pets & Petals

Paper Wasp Hive/Nest
Jasmine Back Lawn
Unknown backyard flower
Yellow Clivia Spp

Hoo roo for now...


28 September, 2010

Something a little 'sporty'

It all started the weekend BEFORE the Grand Final, that wasn't! Let me explain...

Saturday morning of the 18th September, I was invited out to Blacktown Olympic Stadium for the U18 AFL Grand Final to watch a mate play. It was SUCH a good game, and at the end of regular time, it was all tied up at 87 each! now here is where the rules differ between this lower grade and that of the AFL in that, here they played an additional 5 mins each way PLUS 'time on' so as a result could be achieved, WHERE AS in the AFL, they are playing the Grand Final AGAIN this Saturday! Stupidity! So here are some pics from the day:

First Bounce GAME ON
Fighting for the ball
Full Time Score
Full Time after extra TIME
Done well guys, you can hold you heads high!

Blacktown Olympic Stadium was the home for Baseball & Softball for the Olympics in 2000, and they later included a turf cricket pitch (my former work life was managing these) and is now a multi-purpose stadium including AFL.

Blacktown Olympic Park

So, this weekend (which is a long weekend here) will have the AFL replay Grand Final (now with 5 mins each way + time on) on Saturday, the NRL Grand Final on Sunday and a rest day on the Monday!!! AND, I think there may even be a car race as well, bring it on!!!!

Predictions FOR the weekend? Well as it seems lately every game I put a 'tip' out there, my team goes down, BUT I WILL STILL stay with St Kilda in the AFL and any other team OTHER than St George in the NRL, so GO the Roosters!!!!!

Hoo roo for now...


26 September, 2010

Since the last post, I have been...


Allow me to elaborate. Thursday, I spent most of the day with total IMBECILES! So, on Thursday night, even though I wanted to simply get trashed, I could not as on Friday, I had to do it all over again in the morning, however, the afternoon would be somewhat (a lot really) different!

I spent the afternoon on a judging panel. It was very pleasing to do this, and to see the result, but there will be more on that in the coming weeks/months.

Friday evening, I went to a mates place for dinner. He cooked a really nice piece of Steak, bacon, mashed potato's and peas with corn. I also had a drink (OK, I had TWO as I had to drive) before getting home. I had a SKYPE call to my bestie in the States, before heading off to bed to watch some TV and get some sleep.

Saturday, I was up early, so I got the mower out, and did the lawns, 2 loads of washing, weeded a garden bed where the Dranuculus is coming up (hopefully with some flowers again) and got some lunch (Hamburger with the lot, NO BEETROOT) and settled down for the AFL Grand Final. This was a great match, and for the 3rd time in VFL/AFL history, it ended in a DRAW! Saturday night, I made dinner (for my mate) of creamy sun-dried tomatoes and garlic pasta, with chicken... It was very YUMM!

Then today, again up early, so I got some more washing done, bed sheets, and gave myself a haircut; a Number 3! Then it was off to get my God-daughter her birthday present. I was wanting to get a plant/tree that has her name in it, but alas, this was not an easy task. So I ended up getting her something else. Again, her father made the cake, and this year, it was a Lady Beetle (or is it a Lady Bird?)! Happy Birthday Little B!

Breanna Lady Beetle/Bird Cake
Breanna stikes a pose
Little brother Sydney with his Loader

Hoo roo for now...


22 September, 2010

Wordless Wednesday No. 38 Ships and Flags

Flag Ships Panorama
Ships and Flags

Hoo roo for now...


21 September, 2010

Some stuff around town...

Today, was SUCH a lovely day, I took a walk to get a couple of photos... These are some of the ones I took... These little buggers, really do some damage when they are out foraging for some lunch or dinner. The Sulfur Crested Cockatoo has a powerful beak, so its best to NOT feed them if you want to keep your fingers!

Sulfur Crest Cockatoo

Next, up, when walking around Farm Cove, I spotted some anglers trying to catch some dinner. I am not sure if any of them have succeeded yet though...


Then I got into the Royal Botanic Gardens a little proper, and they are just stunning at this time of year.

Spring Walk
Lion Gate Lodge
Victoria Lodge

I also got a shot of Fort Denison, but due to it being late in the day, and heat haze, it is not the best really...

Fort Denison

And there are some Glass Story Panels called the 'Veil of Trees' (Installation by Janet Lawrence and Jisuk Han) that are really quite fascinating to read. And at night, they have some very subtle lighting to show them off as well!

Glass Garden

Tomorrow, for Wordless Wednesday, I will be having something very colourful that floats, so stay tuned!

Hoo roo for now...


20 September, 2010

Olympics: - A 10th Anniversary of "The Best Games Ever"

Recently, Sydney celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Sydney hosting "The most successful Olympic Games ever" (Juan-Antonio Samaranch, had withheld from Atlanta in 1996 the epithet "best-ever Games", which he first delivered at the closing of the Olympics in his home city of Barcelona, in 1992, and then also accorded Sydney in 2000).

It was a busy day, in that there was a LOT of people at the venue, to witness the relighting of the Olympic Cauldron. To mark the occasion, Cathy Freeman was invited to light the cauldron, although this time, hoping that the technical glitch that had it sitting just above her for 3mins and 40 seconds did not happen again! However, her nemesis paid a visit with the Cauldron lighting itself, and later extinguished, before she got there to do the job properly! Here is what the cauldron looks like during the day:

Cauldron Close

And here it is, at dusk, with the flame burning again;

Cauldron at Dusk

Sydney, during the games, was such a great atmosphere to be in. People were friendlier than normal, the public transport ran better than it ever had (still to this day) and the vibe was just awesome! It was a time that I will certainly never forget!

Hoo roo for now...