11 October, 2004

bloody Telstra!!

That's all I can say, and I am sure that A will agree!!!!

I have just gotten off trying to sort out why, I cant log on, and upload the changes to the website!! I mean, it only took 50 mins and 3 phone calls, hey!!!

The first call, put it in the .... 'too hard basket' and told me to ring a 1800 number!
Then I was told that they only handle the .com ones!!! But at least he put me in the right direction!!!

Then I spoke with Shaun/Sean. He was great and immediately told me that yes there was a know problem and took all my details and filled out a form and was submitting it to the 'advanced' technical support section!!!

Alas, it will take up to 2 days for them to look at the problem, sort it out, and then get back to me, so you will all have to wait a couple of days to see the new guest book, the revised 'Spicy Fish' recipe, and the additional recipes I have added, (boiled fruit cake, and a Thai Chicken Dish to name a few!!

So, stay tuned!

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  1. is the thai chicken dish the one you NEVER but SHOULD have made me before i left and am now stuck eating american crap


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