19 October, 2004

it's been an x-Box day.......

What do you do, when you cant do anything????

Play x-Box of course!! Today, as I could not go to work because of my bad back, and with it being raining all day, I was bored as so I decided to play x-Box! I have not played it for such a long time, and as in a previous post, Dr Muto had been the game of choice. However this time, I thought that Voodoo Vince should get a go. I remember that Voodoo Vince was a lot harder than that of Dr Muto, and I was right! I spent ages trying to get over a particular section, and FINALLY, I did it (with a little help from a friend (onto the net, found a walkthrough, and was able to find out what to do, yeah!)).

Anyways, fun was had, and in no time at all, the phone rang to tell me that L was now on her way home from work, then to the Kerrie Lester exhibition, but I will save that for L!!!!

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