31 October, 2004

online shopping addiction

I have my economics exam in a week, and the closer it gets, the more frantic my online shopping addiction becomes. Not satisfied with the 2 parcels that arrived on Friday care of Ebay, I continue to spend countless hours of my time seeking out new treasures. I am not limiting myself to Ebay either, although I do find it a bit irritating to come across a great site, credit card ready, only to find that they don't ship to Australia.

We had a visit last night from a fellow Ebay addict who wishes to remain annoymous, and did a show and tell of our latest Ebay purchases. B sat on the lounge with us shaking his head and commenting on the amount of money that must have been spent between us. There is one downfall to Ebay, in that B can easily see what has been purchased that week and for how much. You don't have quite the same opportunity as when you buy something at the shops and being able to slip it into the wardrobe (we all know once it comes out of the wardrobe it is no longer new). Actually, B isn't bad at all just very interested, but as my addiction gets worse he might come to his husbandly senses and start to give me the 'money doesn't grow on trees ' lecture other husbands are rumoured to give their wives.

I think next time I am in the market for shares I am going to investigate shares in Ebay, that way I will be offsetting my outgoings.

We also had a visit on Friday from M who earlier that week got back from 5 weeks in the UK. M is a fellow Survivor fanatic and we have been taping the episodes for her whilst she was away. We watched the first episode again with her after dinner.

Today is a beautiful day and after some gardening we went to the nursery where we bought a Bugandy Lace Ajuga for the front garden, a Black Tomato plant, and some herbs (Rocket, Water Cress, Curry Plan, and Basil).

B has gone for a swim as his back is causing him a lot of grief, and I am going to open my text books....in a minute....after I check my watchlist!

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