03 October, 2004

new collection begins

B and I are collectors and we do not stick to just the one thing. Some of our collections are:

  • Noddy (L)
  • M&M's (B)
  • Noritake (pink label 50's style cups and saucer sets)
  • Vintage Sewing items - cotton reels, pin cushions, thimbles, tape measures, buttons, buckles, braids, etc)
  • Linocuts,
  • Martin Boyd pottery,
  • Shorter and sons pottery,
  • Melba Ware,
  • Deco stuff,
  • things Greyhound (nice ones, including a live one)
  • Dinosaur designs, and
  • Blythe dolls, I think I could count as a new collection as I now have 2, well almost, the 2nd is on the way (new ones of course).

We have many collections, as you can see, but that didn't stop me today. I have admired Lea Stein jewellery on many an occassion, and a trip to the antiques and collectibles fair at Wentworth Park today saw me walk away with a purrrfect specimen - a sleeping cat with a ticked coat and aqua eyes brooch. I have since been to ebay, and international sellers abound, so I suspect that kitty won't be lonely in the jewellery box for long.

Lea Stein Cat Posted by Hello

Lea Stein sites found from a quick trip around cyberspace - Deco Girl, and French Bijoux (good for dating pieces).

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