26 October, 2004

so, what's been happening???

Well a lot really!!

I have added in a few more pics to the website, out in the garden. So go and have a look!!

Here a couple more, just to save a bit of space as I am rapidly running out of room (78.84% used)!!

Just a Hollyhock

More of the Hollyhock!!

Also, I have taken Norah Jones off, but in place, we now have Celine Dion (or silly don as L puts it)! We (she) was a bit optimistic about buy her latest CD. It is the first one she has of her work, and now somewhat seems to have "Entered the Granny Brigade" Speak for yourself!!!

My car is (again) in the panel beaters, after a truck decided that he wanted to 'share' my lane. The only point is, he forgot to ask me about it!!!! All things being fair and good, AAMI have told me that it should be back on Friday!!!!!


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