20 October, 2004


For a year now I have been waiting for the opportunity to purchase a Kerrie Lester artwork of my very own. I discovered her artwork accidentally and ever since have been researching and seeking its availability, which led me to the Australian Galleries in Paddington. Apparently they carry odd bits and pieces of her work throughout the year, so I called them a couple of weeks ago and they kindly offered to put me on the invitation list for the opening night of an exhibition she was having 19 October through 13 November. I couldn't believe it, this was clearly a sign that I was going to finally own one of her paintings. Fate had led me to making the call only weeks before opening night, and I could actually afford a 30cm x 30cm hand stitched, oil on canvas creation.

So why disappointed? Well fate dealt a cruel blow. I recieved my invite and a catalogue of works a week ago. I decided immediately the one I wanted, made sure the necessary funds were available and organised that I would leave work super early in order to be at the gallery with B before the scheduled commencement time, to ensure we were first in the doors. All went to plan perfectly, we were 45 minutes early, however, upon deciding to take a sneak preview by peering through the glass door, B quickly noticed and pointed out that many of the paintings already had 'Red Dots' indicating they were SOLD! This was confirmed shortly by the curator of the gallery who upon seeing us at the door, buzzed us in. I couldn't believe it, what was the point of an opening night if half the stuff is already sold?

I was, and am still so disappointed.

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