10 October, 2004

smelly smelly sunday!!


this morning, we woke early (6am) and went out to water the newly laid turf! Whilst we were out there, I could smell ..... well sewer! L however, was totally oblivious about it all and we left it at that. Just a figment of our (my) imagination!

After about an hour, I was now out the front rolling up the hose, and damn it, I could STILL smell it! L, still none the wiser, thought I was mad, so I went down stairs and started to iron my shirt for the GAP AGM/picnic day. Whilst I was ironing, I could hear this ..... well gurgling sound. You know the sound when your stomach is twisting and turning it a fit of hunger! Well I called out to L, appropriately dressed in almost nothing, to see if she was doing anything upstairs, but to no avail! Back to ironing.

Next thing you know, it was back!! Gurgling like there's no tomorrow. Damn I says, I am going to track it down. Listening away, I tracked it down to our downstairs toilet bubbling it up through it!! OH NO me thinks, is this going to be NASTY????
L came down in a fit, now fully dressed, and then the next thing you know, well look at the pic...

The start of the sewer overflow! Posted by Hello

Oh no! This is the last thing we need. Now it is 8.20 Sunday morning and we need a plumber!! How much is this going to cost? Who CARES I think I just want it fixed, and no more sewer smell! So I called our Strata company, thanks S, and she arranged for him to come over. So off I went to the GAP picnic day, leaving L to manage it (which she did very well!!).

Here are a couple of pics too from the picnic day too....

Help me out of HERE!!! Posted by Hello

GAP AGM Posted by Hello

What tha??!!?? Posted by Hello

The DAY!! Posted by Hello

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