11 October, 2012

Thursday Thirteen # 18 End of year rundown...

Thursday Thirteen 
Things to do, in whats left of this year!
  1. Work, I am doing a report, OSCAR. This, basically, reports on the energy, water, gas and fuels (DSL and ULP) that we have used for the fiscal year; 1 Jul;y '11 - 30 June '12. Its kinda boring, but interesting, I just wish that when items are purchased, the purchaser doesn't list it as "DSL as per invoice", how am I suppose to know/get/report how many ltr's were used?
  2. Three and a half weeks, I am off to Vietnam with J and M. I have said, it isn't necessarily a destination I had wanted to go to, neither was Bali, but when L & I went there, I loved it, and I suspect it will be the same. I am looking forward to it, don't get me wrong, its just a different destination I hadn't had on my list of places to go...
  3. We don't do Halloween or Thanksgiving here in Australia. Sure, some people do, but in general, not a popular event! BUT, I am looking forward to seeing some of my distant friends outfits and how they celebrate!
  4. Shopping, I have to do Christmas shopping! Don't know when/how/what, but it will get done soon... Maybe, some Vietnamese gifts?
  5. Soon it will be the Events Season, so lots of FREE concerts. Jazz, Symphony & Opera in the Domain, Carols in the Domain, New Years Eve, Open Air Cinema just to name a few!!
  6. Warmer weather, and hopefully dry as well, will mean time spent down the beach with Bronty...
  7. Coming up, not sure about the date at this stage, is the Organ and Tissue Memorial Service, where last year, I spoke. It is put on by the Lions Eye Bank, after donating L's eyes.
  8. December, is L's birthday, our wedding anniversary as well (within a week) and then there is Christmas as well!!! So a lot of things going 'on'!
  9. By mid-late December, if I have timed it right, the Roses will be in full bloom. It will be a couple of weeks after, that they will be given a medium to heavy prune, a top-up fertiliser and then a good watering to bring on a second flush of blooms...
  10. Saturday, I'm off to Floriade in Canberra... Hopefully, the Tulips will still be good and in full bloom. Whilst we've had some warmer days in Sydney, not to mention the winds (both of which destroy the Tulip blooms), Canberra is still a very balmy -1c overnight, and tops around the low-mid teens!
  11. I have all my vaccinations for the Vietnam trip, all that remains is the Malaria tablets, which I will get just before going...
  12. Bronty will be staying at the Vets, so I need to book her in, in the next couple of days...
  13. SLEEP, I need to get some good SLEEP! I have been sleeping, but every morning is a bit of a struggle to get out of bed... I think it is just the change in the day, as last week, we sprung forward into daylight savings!
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Hoo roo for now...


  1. It's strange, Jack has no desire to go back to Vietnam. As he says, "He spent 2 years courtesy of Uncle Sam in the country".

  2. Funny, when I went to Paris the first time, I felt the way you do about going to Vietnam. And I absolutely fell in LOVE with Paris! Have a great trip :-)


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