19 October, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins!!

Friday Fill-Ins!
And...here we go!
  1. I hope I can get all of the 'odd jobs' done around the house on Saturday, as Sunday its the 'Sculptures by the Sea'!
  2. What to do when you have to much to do? Head down, bum up and get it done - and this will be my motto for Saturday!
  3. Boy I sure did enjoy walking OUT of the office a little while ago for lunch... Its not long NOW until the weekend hits!!! 
  4. Remind me to call the Vet's before going away, (touch wood) just in case something happens whilst I am away! 
  5. What does the price of fuel have to be, before you 'FILL UP' rather than 'TOP UP'? For me, its all swings and roundabouts, in that I dont wait too much... I will always try and fill up at the bottom of the cycle, but a few times I've been caught out, and its gone up either overnight, or whilst at work! Currently, in Sydney, is it c. $1.55cpl 
  6. It makes me happy, hearing about achievements by family and friends, especially those who are turing 3yo over the next month...  
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to an old boys reunion, tomorrow my plans include mowing lawns, washing Bronty, at least two loads of washing/hang on line, dusting, vacuuming, mopping  the house, weeding Rose Garden (Onion Weed) and fertilising the gardens out the front. Weeding/pruning rear garden beds and fertilisng both the Wisteria and Gardenias as with the Murraya hedge and the Clivia's and Sunday, I want to chill out and relax, but alas, would like to go to the 'Sculptures by the Sea' at Bondi and Tamarama Beach!
Hoo roo for now...


  1. I'm worn out just thinking about all you plan yo do on Saturday...lol! I hope you go to the Sculptures By The Sea on Sunday, and take pictures for all of us to see...!

  2. Just like ^Old Lady^ (that sounds strange!) I am exhausted just reading your to do list for tomorrow! I hope you get it all cmopleted and have some time for yourself!!
    You can see my answers here! Have a great weekend!

  3. I hope I get as much as you accomplished this weekend! I have a 2 year old who impedes progress in this house, unfortunately!

  4. It made me tired just ready your list of things to get done on Saturday! LOL! Have a super weekend! :)


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