29 July, 2007

Winter Christmas in Australia

This morning, I took some photo's in our backyard, before heading up the mountains for our first, "Christmas in July" (the only way we have Christmas in sub 35 degrees... In fact, it was a rather warm 9.5 today! This is somewhat of a novel idea here in Australia.

Fish Bath

Macc Scratch



We had such a lovely lunch and afternoon, as can be seen from the menu for today was:
Entree Garlic & chili prawns on a bed of rocket
Main Roast chicken (with gluten-free stuffing!), Glazed ham, Potato bake, Beans with almonds, Steamed broccoli & peas & Gravy
Dessert Sticky date pudding with cream/ice-cream (a gluten-free one too) & Cheese platter
Drinks Entree – Champagne cocktail or Mocktail; Main - Mulled wine, sauvignon blanc, mineral water, Dessert – Hot chocolate, dessert wine, coffee

July Christmas

Christmas Honey Baked Ham
And, the host's for the day...
There was SO much work put into making the day perfect, and perfect it was. Great food, great company and even the weather played nicely as well. It had been some months since 3 of the guest (including the hostess) left the Gardens where I work, so it was great to catch up. Lets not leave it so long next time...


Christmas Host's
And some fancy 'Cup Cakes' from yesterday...

Cup Cakes

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