26 October, 2004

so, what's been happening???

Well a lot really!!

I have added in a few more pics to the website, out in the garden. So go and have a look!!

Here a couple more, just to save a bit of space as I am rapidly running out of room (78.84% used)!!

Just a Hollyhock

More of the Hollyhock!!

Also, I have taken Norah Jones off, but in place, we now have Celine Dion (or silly don as L puts it)! We (she) was a bit optimistic about buy her latest CD. It is the first one she has of her work, and now somewhat seems to have "Entered the Granny Brigade" Speak for yourself!!!

My car is (again) in the panel beaters, after a truck decided that he wanted to 'share' my lane. The only point is, he forgot to ask me about it!!!! All things being fair and good, AAMI have told me that it should be back on Friday!!!!!


22 October, 2004

Will someone turn off the shower!!

Well, I think that enough is enough, for now anyway! So, will someone please turn OFF the shower!!

Our backyard is now suitably flooded, the garden is now soaked, and a bit of sunshine now, would be just fine! It will give the garden time to suck it all up, do what it has to do, and set everything to blossom! We now have our Hollyhock's beginning to flower, an abundance of Hippies flowering (more than ever really), all of the Hydrangea's are looking good to, with Multiple heads getting ready too!

Out the front, the Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is also now in full bloom too, and is looking (and smelling) great!

Our roses are also flowering really well, with them also putting on a good supply of 'Water Shoot', which are good for future years growth. When it comes closer to Christmas, I will be giving them a good 'Boy Prune' to ensure a good crop of flowers through to winter!

Our lawns are all at saturation point, or, water logged, so please TURN OFF THE SHOWER!!!

20 October, 2004


For a year now I have been waiting for the opportunity to purchase a Kerrie Lester artwork of my very own. I discovered her artwork accidentally and ever since have been researching and seeking its availability, which led me to the Australian Galleries in Paddington. Apparently they carry odd bits and pieces of her work throughout the year, so I called them a couple of weeks ago and they kindly offered to put me on the invitation list for the opening night of an exhibition she was having 19 October through 13 November. I couldn't believe it, this was clearly a sign that I was going to finally own one of her paintings. Fate had led me to making the call only weeks before opening night, and I could actually afford a 30cm x 30cm hand stitched, oil on canvas creation.

So why disappointed? Well fate dealt a cruel blow. I recieved my invite and a catalogue of works a week ago. I decided immediately the one I wanted, made sure the necessary funds were available and organised that I would leave work super early in order to be at the gallery with B before the scheduled commencement time, to ensure we were first in the doors. All went to plan perfectly, we were 45 minutes early, however, upon deciding to take a sneak preview by peering through the glass door, B quickly noticed and pointed out that many of the paintings already had 'Red Dots' indicating they were SOLD! This was confirmed shortly by the curator of the gallery who upon seeing us at the door, buzzed us in. I couldn't believe it, what was the point of an opening night if half the stuff is already sold?

I was, and am still so disappointed.

19 October, 2004

it's been an x-Box day.......

What do you do, when you cant do anything????

Play x-Box of course!! Today, as I could not go to work because of my bad back, and with it being raining all day, I was bored as so I decided to play x-Box! I have not played it for such a long time, and as in a previous post, Dr Muto had been the game of choice. However this time, I thought that Voodoo Vince should get a go. I remember that Voodoo Vince was a lot harder than that of Dr Muto, and I was right! I spent ages trying to get over a particular section, and FINALLY, I did it (with a little help from a friend (onto the net, found a walkthrough, and was able to find out what to do, yeah!)).

Anyways, fun was had, and in no time at all, the phone rang to tell me that L was now on her way home from work, then to the Kerrie Lester exhibition, but I will save that for L!!!!

....and it just keeps getting bigger!

Further to last weeks post, one of the Hollyhocks in our garden just keeps growing. It is now over 7 foot tall. B took this photo of me with it last Friday.

....and it just keeps getting bigger! Posted by Hello

We have both been kind of busy..working, studying, gardening (the front garden is now home to summer annuals, and the pot at the front door with Kalanchoe), and if that wasn't enough I have also been stressing out.

The cause of my stressing out started a couple of months back though, and was the result of feeling undervalued in my workplace, and applying for a new job, which I successfully got interviewed for (twice) and offered the position. The stressful bit has been trying to determine whether I am better off in my current workplace or taking the new job. Friday, I decided that I was better off where I am given my uni study, and the opportunities that have come my way since. Added stress has been that upon declining the offer, they have asked me think further about it so that they can have discussions with the General Manager, so the saga continues.

To relieve the stress B and I paid a visit to Star City on Sunday night where we were the guests of the Endeavour Room...some sort of highrollers room where the drinks and buffet are free. Don't ask me how we got an invite because I can't tell you *cheeky smile*.

11 October, 2004

bloody Telstra!!

That's all I can say, and I am sure that A will agree!!!!

I have just gotten off trying to sort out why, I cant log on, and upload the changes to the website!! I mean, it only took 50 mins and 3 phone calls, hey!!!

The first call, put it in the .... 'too hard basket' and told me to ring a 1800 number!
Then I was told that they only handle the .com ones!!! But at least he put me in the right direction!!!

Then I spoke with Shaun/Sean. He was great and immediately told me that yes there was a know problem and took all my details and filled out a form and was submitting it to the 'advanced' technical support section!!!

Alas, it will take up to 2 days for them to look at the problem, sort it out, and then get back to me, so you will all have to wait a couple of days to see the new guest book, the revised 'Spicy Fish' recipe, and the additional recipes I have added, (boiled fruit cake, and a Thai Chicken Dish to name a few!!

So, stay tuned!

10 October, 2004

smelly smelly sunday!!


this morning, we woke early (6am) and went out to water the newly laid turf! Whilst we were out there, I could smell ..... well sewer! L however, was totally oblivious about it all and we left it at that. Just a figment of our (my) imagination!

After about an hour, I was now out the front rolling up the hose, and damn it, I could STILL smell it! L, still none the wiser, thought I was mad, so I went down stairs and started to iron my shirt for the GAP AGM/picnic day. Whilst I was ironing, I could hear this ..... well gurgling sound. You know the sound when your stomach is twisting and turning it a fit of hunger! Well I called out to L, appropriately dressed in almost nothing, to see if she was doing anything upstairs, but to no avail! Back to ironing.

Next thing you know, it was back!! Gurgling like there's no tomorrow. Damn I says, I am going to track it down. Listening away, I tracked it down to our downstairs toilet bubbling it up through it!! OH NO me thinks, is this going to be NASTY????
L came down in a fit, now fully dressed, and then the next thing you know, well look at the pic...

The start of the sewer overflow! Posted by Hello

Oh no! This is the last thing we need. Now it is 8.20 Sunday morning and we need a plumber!! How much is this going to cost? Who CARES I think I just want it fixed, and no more sewer smell! So I called our Strata company, thanks S, and she arranged for him to come over. So off I went to the GAP picnic day, leaving L to manage it (which she did very well!!).

Here are a couple of pics too from the picnic day too....

Help me out of HERE!!! Posted by Hello

GAP AGM Posted by Hello

What tha??!!?? Posted by Hello

The DAY!! Posted by Hello

09 October, 2004

sunny sunny saturday

Today we:
- went to Windsor to collect 6 rolls of turf (to fill in the bare patch down the
side of the house),returned home and laid the turf,
- collected Blythe number 2 (Madamoiselle Rosebud)from the Post Office
- tidied the Star Jasmine and Wisteria
- went to an open house,
- bought Macc a new bed, and
- voted.

All in all, it was a busy day.

Macc trying out his new bed. Posted by Hello

B has created a page in the gallery section of our website to view photos of plants that are flowering in our garden. Amongst these photos is one of the Hollyhocks we have growing.

6' plus Hollyhock Posted by Hello

It is thanx to mum deciphering the verbal description that we now know what they are. We planted them as seedlings and a couple of them are now 6 foot plus. They were planted before we went away in June and I actually didn't think that they would survive without us to water them regularly. When we got back I wasn't sure if they were weeds and couldn't remember what it was we had planted. We will post more photos when they come into flower.

07 October, 2004

see the biggest flower in the world!

B wrote this...

For weeks we’ve been watching it grow.
By god, it’s been terribly slow.
But when it did spike,
We started the hype.
So now look at what is on show!


The smell they say it’s like fish,
But this fish you won’t find on a dish.
It’s more like a horse,
Or a rotting old corpse,
You can get close, but only if you wish!

and this...

Jamaicans, they love their Bacardi.
The Botanist, Odoardo Beccari.
He stumbled across
This monster ‘The Boss’
Let’s hope this flower is hardy.

for the limmirick competition that the Royal Botanic Gardens is running in conjuncition with the flowering of the Titum Arum, the worlds biggest flower. This flower has caused quite a bit of excitement as it is a first for Sydney, not only is it big but it has a couple of interesting traits; during flowering at night, the plant gets so hot it steams, releasing foul-smelling chemicals to attract pollinators earning the Titan Arum the name Carcass Flower.

A and I met B in at the gardens last Thursday PM for a look at the flower before it opened. B has since been in to see it opened and smelling. Mum and Dad also went in to the Gardens at 11.00pm to take a look.

Amorphophallus titanum
 Posted by Hello

Amorphophallus titanum
 Posted by Hello

Amorphophallus titanum
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03 October, 2004

new collection begins

B and I are collectors and we do not stick to just the one thing. Some of our collections are:

  • Noddy (L)
  • M&M's (B)
  • Noritake (pink label 50's style cups and saucer sets)
  • Vintage Sewing items - cotton reels, pin cushions, thimbles, tape measures, buttons, buckles, braids, etc)
  • Linocuts,
  • Martin Boyd pottery,
  • Shorter and sons pottery,
  • Melba Ware,
  • Deco stuff,
  • things Greyhound (nice ones, including a live one)
  • Dinosaur designs, and
  • Blythe dolls, I think I could count as a new collection as I now have 2, well almost, the 2nd is on the way (new ones of course).

We have many collections, as you can see, but that didn't stop me today. I have admired Lea Stein jewellery on many an occassion, and a trip to the antiques and collectibles fair at Wentworth Park today saw me walk away with a purrrfect specimen - a sleeping cat with a ticked coat and aqua eyes brooch. I have since been to ebay, and international sellers abound, so I suspect that kitty won't be lonely in the jewellery box for long.

Lea Stein Cat Posted by Hello

Lea Stein sites found from a quick trip around cyberspace - Deco Girl, and French Bijoux (good for dating pieces).