12 February, 2008

30 days: days 12, 13 & 14 Laundry continues...

Ok, so here is a 'catch-up' post of days 12:

So, this is what it USE to look like...

Laundry 20 Jan 2008
Day 13:

Laundry Tiled

Laundry Tiled
And day 14, something 'L' will be enjoying soon:

Lemon Meringue Pie

11 February, 2008

Bali Hotel: Puri Bali Jimbaran

An abundance of Frangipani's were around and were collected during the morning. The better ones were used that afternoon on the bed pillows when they turned the bed down at night for you...

Frangipani at night
Our hotel reception, was very VERY nice... Througherly reccomend staying here, we will again!

Puri Bali Jimbaran Reception
Beach side restaurant at sunset. Fantastic food day or night!

Puri Bali Jimbaran Beach Restaurant
Looking from reception across the huge pool to the beach side bar and restaurant.

Puri Bali Jimbaran Pool & Bar

Continuing the linky love...

Ok, thanks 'ExPat Mom', you got me good and proper...

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09 February, 2008

30 days: day 11

Bill's Tiling
floor tiles are in
progress is being made on the laundry renovation, the floor tiles have been laid, Monday the wall tiles go on. Tomorrow we will install the exhaust fan and fit the window frame.

08 February, 2008

30 days: day 10

Friday night markets

vege stall
a day off from work, so that I could be at home for the tiler to lay the sand and cement floor for the laundry. I sorted out paperwork, this took just about all day, so some fresh air and conversation was in order. Luckily it was the Epping Twilight Markets, where we had dinner followed by a visit with the favourite brother and SIL, and the nephews.

06 February, 2008

30 days: day 9

Rebecca Cool - Ginger-Cat

Last night we battled the weather to get to the opening of Rebecca Cools' art exhibition 'Hop, Skip, Jump' at the Paddington Contemporary Gallery. This is our latest acquistion. To celebrate our purchase, and because now we are broke, we had dinner at Harry's Cafe de Wheels.

05 February, 2008

30 days : days 6, 7 & 8... Laundry Renovation cont...

As you can see, we have been a little busy and as such, have not been able to complete a couple of days...

So, in an attempt to catch up here we have day 6:

Laundry Insulation Installation
Day 7:

First Waterproof Coat
AND, day 8:

What a great Bakehouse
What a 'Great Name' for a Bakehouse hey Genesis??
The tiler is coming back tomorrow to give it all a second coat, Friday to screed of a sand & cement floor so as he can lay the tiles on Saturday. It never stops here...

02 February, 2008

30 days: day 5 Snail on a Hoya

In continuing with this 30 day theme, yesterday when seeing L off to work, I saw this snail sliding down one of our Hoya carnosa. We have had a lot of rain over the last couple of days, which unfortunately, brings the snails...

Snail on Hoya

31 January, 2008

30 days : day 4... Laundry renovation cont...

Continuing on this theme of '30 days' (oh and yes, we did not do one yesterday as we were too busy with this work) I will continue with posting photos of the Laundry Renovation. Yesterday, I had the plumber here. He arrived nice and early, 7:15am, and got his tools ready. A petrol operated concrete cutter was the tool of choice for the morning!. For those who don't know what this sounds like, think of a chainsaw in a confined room! The living room was full of exhaust fumes which dissipated some 30 minutes later.

Now yesterday was a nice day, only 35 degrees C with very high levels of humidity. So, my task(s) for the day were to have a supply of cold water at the ready for him, and his son (with his friend as well). The 'boys' were given the task of digging the trench for the pipe to connect to the sewer, fun fun fun!!!


29 January, 2008

30 days : day 3... Bali Bowl (WW No. 19)

Bali Bowl
We loved this bowl from the Bali Jimbaran. A simple seed husk from a Palm with Silver ends. Mind you, on the weekend, we had to make the base!