30 September, 2004

three little fish

I am home again for a few days. Yay! And have finished the body of the trout. I purchased this Elizabeth Bradley kit in England earlier this year. When it is finished it will have a navy background, and the plan is turn turn it into a long cushion. I have some pink toned fringing which I plan to edge the cushion with, and funky it up.

Rainbow Trout Posted by Hello

Further on the fishy theme, this morning B and I did a brief survey of the backyard, including the fish pond. We were considering what could be done to liven the fish pond up, noting that a few (3 or 4) of our bright red goldfish seemed to be no longer. Was it birds? Natural attrition? or some other factor? When B spotted a tiny little fish. I couldn't see it at first, but as we continued to peer into the water, we found not just 1 but 3 new additions. Unfortunately they are not the brightly coloured orange ones like the original inhabitants but, a deep reddy black colour, which is a bit difficult to see. We know who one of the parents is - last summer we added a large reddy black fish to the clan, and these are the same as that one, just a lot smaller.


  1. your fish looks fabulous L. now you just need to name it. and i like the sites new face lift, B's doing i suspect, nice job!

  2. just had a look at A's new site. you guys could be twinnies!!! (with different colours of course). it's like when mums dress their twins the same, one in pink, one in blue. hehe, you're one of those mums (next it'll be sailor suits)

  3. Yes N, there are some similarities, but it is ONLY the sites to make stuff, that’s about it!!

    Other than that, we were having a 'spring clean' anyway, all we had to do was to find new bg images! We went down to a paper shop, called Eckersley's, and L found some nice papers that I scanned in and next thing you know, after A showed me how to make buttons, this is what it has become!!


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