20 July, 2006

The Asian invasion...

Well, yesterday our 'Asian Invasion' visitors arrived, albeit exhausted!
L was lucky enough to get the day and arrived at the "pick up point" as advertised in the paperwork we were given when the minders arrived last Friday evening for the inspection.
We have 琳达 (Linda) and Celia (Celia*). L said that they were feeling quite ill after their flights from Beijing to Sydney via Soul. So after an afternoon nap they felt quite a deal better.
When L came to the station to pick me up after work (bloody car still not fixed...), we had our introductions and located their city Tianjin on google maps (just zoom in or out using the tool on the left side).
L and I then went to do some shopping and when we got back, I cooked some dinner, watched some TV before going to bed around 10pm. In my usual midnight walks to stretch out my back (not to mention have a glass of milk and raid the cookie jar) I noticed that they were still awake as the light was shining through underneath the door, but when I went back to bed, it had gone out... But, as they needed to be at UTS at 7.40 this morning, the 5.30 alarm went off too early I thought, but the alarm clock that we used in their bedroom (my PDA) didn't go off resulting in a knock on the door and a very rushed morning.
And to top it all off this morning on the train in (bloody car...) the train, whilst not very many people on it, had to have the last carriage emptied as there was a window missing which made us then go into a very cramped carriage. We arrived with 10 mins to spare!
We will keep you posted as to how things progress, but we are also off to Euroka Clearing in the Glenbrook National Park to see some kangaroos, and to see the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and maybe even up the Centrepoint Tower to see the city from above this weekend.
* Celia translated via Babel Fish is just Celia

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