23 July, 2006

kangaroo pause

our visitors suffer very badly from motion sickness, and boy didn't we find out exactly how bad. Linda and Celia inform us that they do not often ride in cars, instead they get about by bicycle. So, although it seemed like a good idea to take a drive to the Blue Mountains, about an hour from our place by car, we were beginning to rethink this when it took about two hours with the pauses required to settle stomachs, and the drive required the windows to be down. It is winter here! and oh the ears from the wind rushing in. The smiles made up for it though when we met up with this fellow,

kangaroo pausing
not quite as good as a kangaroo with its joey. But a kangaroo in its natural environment certainly impressed the girls. We had to remind them though that although they look quite friendly they can scratch and pack a mean punch, so anything closer than 2m distance was taking a real risk.

We didn't spend too long at Euroka as there were only a couple of Kangaroos. In the past when we have visited there has been a large mob. I am guessing the campers probably had something to do with this and of course that we had some international visitors to impress.

The views from Mt Portal and Tunnel View Lookout were a hit with the girls as was the pause at Glenbrook Nursery for a look at some Australian Natives, in particular the Kangaroo Paws.

Kangaroo paws

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