14 July, 2006

how time flys

and I haven't been having fun. I was not going to post any of this but my mum gave me some advice this morning and I am going to give it a go. The suggestion was that I write down what is bothering me in a notebook, and not worry about it for a week or so, refer back to it in a couple of weeks, and if the same things are still bothering me then worry.

I am sure she didn't mean for it to be done here, but here goes. Work, has really been stressing me out, This has been on top of a lot of other things that have been going on; my grandmother has been quite sick, she is 87, and went into hospital a week and a half ago to have her gall bladder removed. This was very traumatic for her (and the family) she became anemic and required a blood transfusion, ended up in the cardiac ward, and suffered a collapse of the lung. It didn't seem good. At the same time my dad is having heart troubles and a procedure he had early in the month was not successful which was really disappointing, and again the uncertainty has plagued me, and all of this has been on top of B's back, which has given him six years of pain, loss of mobility, uncertainty as to whether his work would keep him on, or not, and the constant joy (not) of having to deal with insurers (because this was a workplace injury) for approval to receive treatments and reimbursement of costs. I think this has caused me to get into the habit of worrying about things that might not happen. I have become anxious and depressed, well at least very fragile and teary. Things have definitely got on top of me.

There! Let's see if there is no more worrying.

The naturopath has also suggested Executive Stress B and Withania (something like St Johns Wort).

Funnily enough having put it down 'on paper', why wouldn't I be feeling a bit low. A happier me next time. News this morning from mum was that my Nan was on the mend, and looked really good, yesterday. I think a visit to the hospital tonight to see for myself might also help.

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