21 July, 2006

how to boil an egg

our guests like breakfast to go. That is they like a boiled egg they can take with them to eat when they get to university. Now this has presented me with a dilema - how do you boil an egg? You see I like my eggs well done so am happy to let it boil away till the pot is almost dry, whereas B likes his runny so it is in and out of the pot for him. B's however, is not a good way for an egg to go. Sooooooo, for an egg to go (ie not runny) would you boil the water and drop the egg into the boiling water or would you put the egg in cold water and bring to the boil? and how long do you boil????

And you can stop rolling your eyes, because even the experts have difficulty coming to a consensus on cracking the formula on boiling eggs.

And then there was this.

Thank goodness for Burkes Backyard the authority of everything and anything who had this to offer "If you’re boiling eggs for a salad and you want the yolks in the centre of the white, stir the eggs as they come to the boil. For perfect boiled eggs, bring the eggs to the boil from a cold water start. As soon as the water simmers tip out the hot water, and cover with cold water to stop the cooking."

Phew, now I can relax and enjoy 'the food palate'. Although it didn't have how to boil an egg it does look like it could be an interesting read. I especially like the sound of the malt milk muffins.

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