15 July, 2006

meet the neighbours III

Our neighbours kitchen window
Lynette and Denis are our immediate neighbours to the left (if you are facing our house that is). They are a retired couple with grown children, reminding me a lot of my parents, actually.

When we first moved in they introduced themselves to us with a letter about their children and their childrens partners, a photo of the family, and contact numbers. It was really lovely, and made us feel instantly welcome in our new street.

Last week, Tuesday night to be exact, we were the recipients of their neighbourliness, by way of a sample of Lynette's baking. It was on our doorstep when I got back from dropping B in Parramatta that evening. At first I was a bit suspicious of the warm, foil wrapped package, with no note. Lynette, however had left a message on the answer machine which explained that she had done some baking and that it hadn't gone unnoticed that we had been mowing the nature strip out the front of their place, and this was their way of saying thank you. It should be noted here that Denis also gives our nature strip a mow when he does the lawns, so that the home baked sultana poundcake was quite unneccessary, although greatly appreciated. And given the week I was having was a truly priceless gesture, that I shall repay with ..thinking.... a bag of lemons, because we all know I can't cook.

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