19 July, 2006

how to have an outstanding life

Last weekend I started reading a book by sports psychologist Paul Smith 'How to have an outstanding life'. It is an easy read and quite informally written. I won this book a few weeks back through a lucky door prize at a seminar for women who are aspiring to senior management. It was a fantastic seminar, and I was able to participate in a workshop facilitated by the author Paul Smith. When I attended the seminar, I was already feeling a little low, and the seminar really picked me up however, the last couple of weeks*.....

Well, I didn't want to hang around the base of the mountain I felt required climbing, so the book has come out, and given that B has been depressed due to his back (good pair that we are at the moment) I have been reading it to him, and we have been discussing it together. Whilst B was a bit resistant to this, the anecdotes and thinking exercises have certainly got the dialogue going, and I think I am going to look out for a more in depth workshop to attend in the future.

The message so far from the book is positive thinking, and really I do have an outstanding life already, the weekend really reminded me of that; great friends, thank you to A, B & C you really cheered me up; the next sister down; favourite (and only) brother; and of course my B.

And on another positive note I am at home today waiting for some house guests, more on that next time.

* My nan has really picked up and is now at home

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