28 July, 2006

cultural exchange update

our guests shopping list goes something like this: opals, pearls, lanolin, leather belt, and must be australian made. Opals no problem. Pearls, well the pearls they want them cheap and cheap pearls they come from China. Lanolin, seems to be made in the UK, although a trip to Westfield and a tourist shop and we finally sorted that one. Leather belts, the tip is the Myer, Reserve brand, otherwise its the Aussie favourite Made in China.

Their tourist must sees, the harbour bridge & sydney opera house being the hottest spots, followed by the QVB, darling harbour, art gallery, Hyde Park, Bondi Beach, and Royal Botanic Gardens.

Their expanding vocabulary: brussel sprouts, zucchini, spaghetti, bloody hell, chinese laundry, hairdryer, powerboard, blah blah blah,

Our expanding vocabulary: Way, ne home r = Hello, how are you. Doaye = Yes. Boo = No. Jol sun = goodmorning. Sek Fan = dinner is ready. Zoo sian = thank you. The Disclaimer being that I have spelt "phonetically" and even still much laughter ensues pronunciation.

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