01 July, 2007

I am going BACK to work for a rest, WHAT a weekend!!

On Friday, L and the M.I.L went to a Quilting show in Sydney Exhibition Center (whilst I worked) and then we stayed over for dinner, Indian Curries.

Saturday, I had pre-arranged to take the F.I.L to get his new printer, an ex-lease PC (his CD rom drive had died, and it cant be replaced so I found a very cheap ex-lease one for less than IF they had the parts...), and a new graphics card for our old desktop. This ended up being an all day event, that had me going back to the store with his new (old) as they had forgotten to load XP before they close at 4.30!!

Then on Saturday night, we went to a Sri Lankan festival event, my god, what a night! Heaps of food, and the music was great. We had a ball, but a very late night and still no graphics card installed!
Sri Lankan Festival
To much food
Sunday morning had me off to complete an early morning task and to return with breakfast. I was home for all of 5 mins and finally installing the card. This was a very easy thing to do. By the time this was done however, we were off to L's favourite brothers place (he has just moved in) and then for some Yum Cha. We finally got home around 4.30pm and I could finally start playing with my new toy...

Friday, I got a new toy, a Canon EOS 400D, and a Navman as well (although, this will save mobile calls from L asking how do I get from here to where I'm going... I am LOST).
Here they are, taken with old camera:
New Toys
And the old toy, taken with the 'NEW' toy:
Old Toy
This was actually the first photo taken with the new toy...
So, with one of these, I off to work in the morning for a rest...

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