20 July, 2007

she's sick this week...

Well, all has been a bit quiet this week (sorry), but L has been sick, right after our appointment on Monday morning.

We were in the waiting room, and she was sneezing, runny nose and getting a fever of sorts. So after the visit to the clinic, we went home and L simply went to bed, and that is where she has stayed almost all week. She went off to the doctor the following day expecting a day off, but she ended up with the whole week! Can you believe it?!?!

So what has she been doing from her sick bed*? Apart from a lot of sleep, she has now caught up on the latest Dr Phil, Judge Judy, Bargain Hunt & Antiques Roadshow! Mind you, she has also done some housework... It was discovered this week that the Dyson Vacuum cleaner has better suction when the filters are CLEAN! Fancy that hey...?!

Also on the list of achievements has been finishing some of her longstanding craft items; Various quilts and a tapestry.

*Note, whilst all of these have been completed whilst sick with her 4th Flu this winter, she has been either called or SMS from her manager every day, the absolute clincher was this evening at 6.10pm, GO HOME FOR GOD's SAKE!!!

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