23 July, 2007

he's sick this week...

I have handed the baton to B. With almost identical symptoms to how I was last Monday, it is safe to say that he will be no good for work, or anything much else this week. It is a particularly nasty virus, and even though I made it to work today, I left early afternoon, due to the persistent headache which led to being a bit nauseaus, and 'jointy aches'*.

So with all this sickness, it was only right that I make chicken corn soup for dinner. So easy, just the thing when you need to keep your fluids up, and just what B made for me for dinner last week. It is almost foolproof, as proven by me, no measuring required and goes something like this:

Ingredients: onion, chicken, stock, vegetables (carrot, turnip, potato, capsicum, or whatever you like), and two cans of creamed corn.

Brown onion and chicken in pot, add stock bring to boil, add veges bring to boil and simmer slowly for half and hour or so. Then add creamed corn and simmer till ready to serve. Too easy and great with crusty bread or toast.

*achey joints, when I am not 100% I make mix words (sic).

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