15 July, 2007

post about... nothing really...

I was going to post on something along the lines of our recent Thursday 13, but I am under advisement not to at this stage, until we have some firm news. I will say, however, I have to go to the clinic tomorrow to supply a sample that will be used later in the morning!

Anyway, may I present some random photos from this weekend of our 'other kids', Macc and Jasmine (neither of whom mind where they sleep... )
Jasmine on my jumper
Jasmine on the Royal Cushion
And here is something 'L' completed through the week...
And here is Orchid, just beginning to open. It is just 2 years old, and has 2 spikes!
Cymbidium Orchid Spike
And just a couple more from our garden...

Hope you have enjoyed!!!

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