11 July, 2007

thursday thirteen #6... the highs and lows of IUI (or IVF)!

Thirteen Things about the 'Highs & Lows' of IVF (or IUI)

For those who do not know yet, we have started IVF. The treatment that has been 'prescribed' by the Specialist, is the IUI. This involves a lot of work, pain, hormones etc, and I am dedicating this weeks TT, to it. So please 'enjoy'!

1…. Hormones, they have been terrible! At times, 'L' has been fine and happy one minute, and within a second, she is either crying or is angry as. Apparently, as the Estrogen rises, this will stabilise!

2…. Whats effecting the hormones, easy, I am having to give 'L' a nightly injection which started out at 75 units, but has been increased. This is because her estrogen level is slowly rising (43, up to 144 and the last result was 340). We need to get up to at least 500!

3…. Injections. 'L' does not like these. They are a very fine Epipen but it is not nice. I have had a very brief induction in how to do these, but still I get the tears (almost) every night. A couple more days to go... 'L' has to go for a blood test every 3-4 days (yes, more needles) until the target is achieved!

4…. Once the estrogen level is achieved, 'L' has to go for almost daily internal ultrasounds. Now, being a male, I can not appreciate how this would feel. However, after my spinal surgery, where I was catheterised, I think I can only imagine it to being when it was removed where I just about hit the roof... Feeling for you 'L'!

5…. The internal ultrasounds are to measure follicle size. They want to get NO MORE than 2, 15-18mm follicle's. Any more, then the treatment will be suspended as there is a greater risk of triplets, quads or more...

6…. Once the 1 or 2 follicle's have reached the right size, then 'L' (yes another needle) will get a massive hormone injection in order for the ovaries to release the follicle's (egg(s)). At this time, I might move given the increased hormones!!!

7…. Apart from doing the daily injections (my only 'input' at this stage, it is now my turn to participate. I have to offer up a ... sample... or an 'injection of love' This has to be completed in the early am, where it is then spun, cleaned of all the rubbish (there words not mine), concentrated, added to a new material and made ready for insemination!

8…. Some 24-36 hours later, 'L' will have to be at the clinic to be inseminated. After this, she can the go off to work as if nothing has happened, and there is the very real possibility of an 'Implantation Bleed', let's hope not!

9…. Wait 7-14 days, return to the clinic for a pregnancy test (hopefully good news)!

10…. Next in the list is then to contact a Gynaecologist and we are off and racing!

11…. Then through the pregnancy, numerous ultrasounds, internal examinations etc...

12…. Get the baby room(s) ready and delivery!

13…. Pray for us or at the very least, for me to get through this unscathed!!! Isn't making babies meant to be fun???

Seriously, I am being supportive in every way I possibly can. I do not understand what 'L' is going through, nor would I claim that I do. She is my rock, my mate and someone whom I would do anything for. I love her dearly, and I hope that she gets what she has wanted for a very long time. We have been seeing our IVF Specialist for just on 2 years now, with no success so far. There are many stand-in uncle and aunts (not to mention ACTUAL uncle and aunts) who are also wanting and wishing us success in this.

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